How To Reach Egypt

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Egypt can be accessed by plane, boat and by bus/car services.

Reaching Egypt by Air

The main airports in Egypt are Cairo International Aiport and Luxor International Airport. The other major airports are at Aswan, Alexandria and Sharm El Sheikh. Non-stop flights are available, with most of them landing at Cairo International Airport. Major Indian airlines include Air India and Jet Airways. The secondary points of entry here are through Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Amman, etc.

Reaching Egypt by Bus

The most convenient and the most popular way of travelling to Egypt by bus would be from Israel. Buses leave from stops at Tel Aviv and Jerusalem cities. The JETT bus company also has a bus service that brings you to Cairo from Amman, following a direct route.

Reaching Egypt by Road

Renting cars is an inexpensive proposition in Egypt. However, getting here by car is not the most preferred option. This is because the authorities in the border areas can refrain from granting you entry through those points, on account of it being a private vehicle. Therefore, several people prefer to get to Egypt by bus.

Reaching Egypt by Water

There are daily ferries travelling between Nuweiba and Taba as well as Aqaba in Jordan. There are also a number of cruises that halt in Egypt as a part of their itinerary, getting off at Port Said or at Alexandria.

Places to Visit In Egypt

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