Road Trips From Hyderabad That You Must Take!

Road Trips From Hyderabad That You Must Take!

As they say, South India is one of the most beautiful, naturally blessed locations in the world. Over here, you can find the majestic temples, the calm green backwaters of Kerala and a culture that is steeped in the worship of God and nature. So, visiting the south of India is always an enriching experience, no matter which state you choose to visit.
One among these is the state of Telangana and the area around its capital city of Hyderabad. Known for its spicy and delicious biryani and famous spots like the Charminar and the Golconda Fort, this place is one of the most active and exuberant places in the south. However, we all know that as much as we love city life, it can become a little too much sometimes. How much of the traffic, honking and non-stop bustle can we deal with? That is exactly why it is necessary to go off on a road trip whenever you find the time. Now that the new year time is here, there is every chance to plan a fun little road trip!
Do you want to know which destinations you can visit that are close enough to Hyderabad, to allow you to plan a road trip? Well then, scroll on and find out some great options for Road Trips from Hyderabad


Here is the list of 9 Road Trips From Hyderabad That You Must Take!

1. Hyderabad to Kurnool


10 photos

180 kms from Hyderabad

Known For : Belum Caves | Rollapadu Wildlife Sanctuary | Oravakallu Rock Garden

Kurnool can be reached in just over three hours from Hyderabad. Taking a road trip to this beautiful place is a wonderful idea. It was the former capital of Andhra Pradesh and is located by the beautiful Tungabhadra river. The Neeva and Hundri rivers also flow through Kurnool, which makes it one of the most picturesque places to visit near Hyderabad. Once here, you can visit the famous Belum caves. These caves are literally many centuries old and are also the second longest and largest caves in India! If you’re a bird and animal lover, head over to the Rollapdu Bird Sanctuary, where you can get to see a variety of colourful birds and animals. You can also visit the Konda Reddy fort, which is an important landmark of this town. If you visit this fort, take a look at the Arabic and Persian inscriptions inside, which are bound to mesmerise you and transport you to another era.

Best Time : December to February

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2. Hyderabad to Hampi


103 photos

314 kms from Hyderabad

Known For : Virupaksha Temple, Hampi | Vithala Temple | Elephant Stables

Hampi is a very culturally rich town and a World Heritage Site, located 373 km from Hyderabad. Once you get here by road, the atmosphere around you will put you at ease making your road trip memorable. The most intriguing part of this town is that it is located within the remains of Vijayanagara. There are a lot of Hindu temples in Hampi, which you can visit for some peace of mind. The most famous among these is the Virupaksha temple. You must also visit the beautiful Hazara Ram Temple, whose complex is well-known for its detailed inscriptions and carvings, both of which portray scenes from the epic Ramayana. Other temples to visit here are Badavi Linga, Achyutaraya and the Chandramauleshwara temple. Apart from visiting Hampi for religious purposes, people also flock here to click some beautiful pictures and take part in a bit of rock climbing, thanks to the amount of boulders lining the Tungabhadra river.

Best Time : October to March

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3. Hyderabad to Badami


47 photos

341 kms from Hyderabad

Known For : Cave Temples | Agastya Lake | Badami Fort

Badami is one of the most beautiful places you can visit near Hyderabad. Located 420 km from Hyderabad, it takes anywhere between 7 to 8 hours to get here by road. Though the journey is long, the result will be completely worth it. Besides, you can always switch seats with each other, so that only one person is not left to do the driving. Badami is a mixture of greenery and rough, majestic rocks. It is most popularly known for the four cave temples, all of which are architectural wonders. The Agastya Lake here is a natural beauty, and you can simply sit down and lose yourself as you stare at it. Badami also houses a Jain temple, a Buddhist one and a dargah too. It binds religion together, amidst its beauty. The most stunning part of Badami is its fort. Simply called the Badami Fort, it is placed at the top of a hill, and once you get there, you will be stunned by the stupendous view of the town spread out below. We’d recommend keeping your cameras ready to snap some gorgeous pictures of this town.

Best Time : October to Apr

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4. Hyderabad to Nagarjunsagar


41 photos

125 kms from Hyderabad

Known For : Ethipothala Waterfall | Nagarjunasagar Dam | Nagarjunasagar Wildlife Sanctuary

Located just 164 km away from Hyderabad, Nagarjuna Sagar is a great place to go on a road trip from Hyderabad. Once you reach, you can visit the gushing Nagarjuna Sagar Dam as it flows out of 12 gates, surrounding the rivers. You can stroll along near the dam and even take a boating ride to Nagarjunakonda Valley, which for all intents and purposes, is an island in itself. Alternately, you can visit the museum for its display of all things Buddhist or simply sit back and revel in the magnificence of the Ethipothala Waterfall. This place is conveniently close to Hyderabad and is an ideal choice for a road trip or if you just want to go there and relax.

Best Time : October to March

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5. Hyderabad to Gulbarga


175 kms from Hyderabad

Known For : Gulbarga Fort

Gulbarga is 231 km from Hyderabad. It was a part of the Nizam dynasty and is a very culturally rich place to visit. The Islamic style of architecture is evident here, for those who love to study history and architecture. Over here, you can visit the famous Gulbarga Fort. Inside the premises of the fort, you can find a variety of impressive buildings. The most popular one is the Jama Masjid and the second is the tomb of Sufi saint Khaja Bande Nawaz. Apart from that, you can head over to the island located close to the Bhima river, where you can enjoy activities like trekking and camping. The Chandrampalli Dam is also a site worth visiting, for its pure beauty, as is the Sharana Basaveshwara Temple.

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6. Hyderabad to Karimnagar

8,785 kms from Hyderabad

Karimnagar is located in north-west Telangana, at a distance of about 163 kms from Hyderabad. Besides the roads being super smooth and free of potholes, the aesthetic surroundings on the way make for an ideal road trip experience. The total journey can be covered in around 3 hours. However, remember to carry your food and drinks as you will spot very few eateries or roadside dhabas on the way. Once in Karimnagar, you can go on a hopping spree exploring the historical town that was once known as the ‘seat of the Vedic learning’. The actual history dates back to the Old Stone Age, and several archaeological findings and excavations reveal that the town was anciently ruled by the Satvahanas, the Mauryas and Asafzalu kings. Some of the important tourist attractions of the town include Vemulawada, Nagunur Fort, Kaleshwaram, Kondagattu, Dharmapuri etc.


7. Hyderabad to Pattadakal


40 photos

326 kms from Hyderabad

Known For : Virupaksha Temple, Pattadakal | Kashiviswanatha Temple | Jain Temple

Located at a distance of 404 kms from Hyderabad, Pattadakal is a temple complex consisting of a group of Hindu and Jain temples in northern Karnataka, which has lately also been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The total journey can be covered in a total of 8-9 hours depending on the traffic, speed and stopovers. The well-constructed highways and the picturesque surroundings on the way make for a perfect road trip. You can switch driving seats with your friends or co-travellers to avoid tiring yourself out or to rule out any excess exertion. The long drive is surely a refreshing experience, and you find yourself literally sailing through the smooth roads. You can also stop at roadside dhabas for light snacks or to capture those picture-perfect vistas in your cameras. Moreover, once you reach Pattadakal, you will realize all the hassle was worth it. The temples at Pattadakal have been described as “a harmonious blend of architectural forms from northern and southern India”, and they sure are a perfect mix or architectural finesse and designs and are a marvel to look at.

Best Time : October to March

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8. Hyderabad to Srisailam


17 photos

151 kms from Hyderabad

Known For : Patala Ganga | Srisailam Tiger Reserve | Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple

Srisailam is a Hindu Jyotirlinga and is situated at a distance of around 200 kms from Hyderabad. Most people visiting Srisailam from Hyderabad prefer to drive their way through as the route is extremely scenic and beautiful. The drive gets more thrilling as you inch closer to the destination. Once you cover a distance of 120-150 kms, the route converts into a hilly terrain with hairpin bends, and that’s when the drive gets even more exciting and gives you that adrenaline rush. However, be very careful and remember to keep to the speed limit and follow the road rules. Once you are there, be sure to visit the famous Srisailam Dam and Bhramaramba Mallikarjuna Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The dainty town is a perfect combination of temples and scenic locales. River Krishna is one of the popular places in the area. You can also try your hand at adventure activities like cliff climbing, trekking, forest exploration, bungee jumping etc.

Best Time : October to February

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9. Hyderabad to Adilabad


10 photos

266 kms from Hyderabad

Known For : Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary | Kunthala Waterfalls | Pochera Waterfalls

Adilabad is located at a distance of 300 kms from Hyderabad in the northern region of Telangana. The short distance and a relatively lesser population of the emerging city call for a peaceful and pleasant road drive from Hyderabad to the town. The drive gives an offbeat break from the city life of Hyderabad in the company of blooming flowers on the sidetracks and perfectly smooth roads. Nirmala is a popular dhaba that falls on the NH-44. We recommend you to stop there for mouthwatering idlis and hot brewed chai. Once in Adilabad, explore the serenity and historical monuments of the place. It offers a holistic experience to all its tourists with its dainty temples, breathtaking waterfalls and heritage monuments. The beautiful valleys and many rivers add to the charm of the city. All in all, it is a perfect weekend getaway from the pell-mell of the city life in the quietude and serenity in between bounteous natural environment.

Best Time : November to March

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