Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary

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Timings : 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Time Required : INR 300 including entry fee and guide

Entry Fee : 2-3 hours

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Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary, Nizamabad Overview

Spread over an area of 130 square kilometres, the Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary was set up in 1952 which was the hunting ground of the then Nizam. Named after the Pocharam Lake which was formed here after the Pocharam Dam was constructed on the River Allair between 1916 to 1922, this place is a scenic beauty with all the surrounding hills. The dreamlike beauty of the Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary takes many tourists and travellers by surprise.

The Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary provides a trekking trail which stretches over for 4.5 km and passes through the thick forest growth. It makes up for a thrilling experience for the tourists who get to enjoy the ambience of the forest along. The thin branches of the trees intertwine with each other making the jungle appear very thick. Tourists can wash their feet in the water flowing from the nearby dam. As exciting as it sounds, care needs to be taken while enjoying the trek. The place offers an experience which is fun-filled, exciting, and adventurous. It is likely to provide the best getaway from the hectic life in the midst of tranquillity and peace.

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Flora and Fauna at Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary

Apart from the wildlife, there is a lot of greenery in the sanctuary as well with green vegetation including Pistia, Eichornia, Hydrilla, Babul Prosopis, and Vallisneria. The treetops are populated with migratory birds and their sounds vibrating in the area makes the entire place appear lively.

Many species of animals and birds reside in this sanctuary and call it their home. The main attractions of the sanctuary include Sloth Bear, Cheetah, Nilgai, Chinkara, Chowsingha, Wild Boar, Panther, Hyena, and Jackal. The main river named Manjira adds life to the jungle. Species of fish namely Rahu, Murrel, Karugu, Catla, Chidwa, Karugu, and Ech Paten are present in the water body. Freshwater turtles, Cobra, Marsh, and Crocodile too can be found in the sanctuary. The nine small islands serve as the breeding grounds for birds, turtles, and crocodiles. Birds including Cormorants, Pochards, Herons, Painted Storks, Coots, Teals, Spoon Bills, Black and White Ibises, and Open Billed Storks to make their nests in these peaceful islands.

Trekking at Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary

You can go for a small walk or a ride in the wildlife sanctuary where a path of 4.5 km passes through the forest and the marshland. Water from the dam comes into the forest area which is why you need to take care while walking around. Though the trees are not very high, they have thin branches thereby making the jungle appear thick. There are lots of deer in the jungle who roam around in a bunch of 20 generally but run away as soon as you approach them. There are also numerous peacocks in the jungle. However, you can find an abundant population of butterflies in the forest which makes it appear more like a butterfly park.

Bird Watching at Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary

You are going to love this place if you like studying about birds and identifying them. There are numerous birds in the sanctuary of different sizes, single-hued and different colours. There is a watchtower in the middle of the jungle from where you can get a bird's eye view and look at the forest and lake around. However, climb the watchtower slowly as the iron staircase is tilted and due to the elevation, you cannot stand on any stair. From the top, the view one gets incredible, and people get to experience the bounty of nature around them.

Best Time To Visit Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary

The perfect time to visit the sanctuary from October to July. Animals are quite active, and the park has a pleasant temperature during this period. Summer season begins from March and lasts until June. During this time, the temperature becomes warm at 30 degrees Celsius. Monsoon falls in June to September, and the weather is not appropriate for visiting the sanctuary.

How To Reach Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary

Pocharam Sanctuary is situated 15km away from Medak. Medak can be reached by hiring a bus or any other private transport. It is pretty much accessible and can be reached easily.

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