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Nelakondapalli, Khammam Overview

If you’re fond of cultural, religious, or historical exploration, and if you happen to have a marked fascination with architecture, then the grand temples of this place are bound to enthrall you. Not only does this site of wonder in the Deccan have recently dug up ancient Buddhist stupas but it also boasts of an association with the Hindu epic Mahabharata. Situated at the crest of the Deccan, at a distance of about 22 km from Khammam, the town of Nelakondapalli can lend you a unique and enriching experience. Whether looking to satisfy an itch for archaeological exploration or intending to fulfill your curiosity about yet another place of ancient religious significance in the Deccan region, Nelakondapalli is for you!

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Best Time To Visit Nelakondapalli

Much like countless other places in the Deccan region, the best time to visit Nelakondapalli is during the winter. In particular, the months of November until February. Any other month than these is bound to throw up a whiplash of heat, making local sightseeing difficult. However, in case you’re looking to enhance your religious experiences, the annual Sri Bhakta Ramdas memorial festival is held between April 28 and May 2!

Tips For Visiting Nelakondapalli

1. Photography is restricted in the inner sanctum of the temple, so you should refrain.
2. Nelakondapalli is a small town that doesn't have as many eateries, so it's best to pack some food and drinks with yourself.
3. Carry an umbrella in case the heat of the sun gets too scorching.
4. Unfortunately footwear is liable to get misplaced outside temples, so one should opt for cheaper ones.

Food and Accomodation

If you’re a little peckish on the long road from Hyderabad to Nelakondapalli, you can choose to grab a snack at one of the several eateries situated on the way. Additionally, those looking to feast on full-fledged meals are best served at Khammam. Here, one can find delicacies ranging from the exquisitely savoury Sarva pindi, Puntikura Chana Dal, Rail Palaram to the sweet and luscious Pootharekulu, Sakinalu and so on.

As for accommodation, those looking to stay in Nelakondapalli often opt for Bhadarachalam which provides hotels and dormitories.

Whether seeking an intense pilgrimage, spiritual quietude in the fact of rich heritage, or a pleasant winter trip in which you get the chance to marvel at ancient architecture, you should visit Nelakondapalli and prepare to get enthralled!

Places to See

Nelakondapalli is not lacking in religious and cultural attractions alike. Here are the some of the places you can expect to see during your visit:

1. Sri Venkateshwara Swamy Temple

At a distance of about 79 km from Khammam, Sri Venkateshwara Swamy Temple is frequented by tourists to Nelakondapalli with a lot of zeal. Widely known as ‘Telangana’s Tirupati’, this ancient temple was once graced with a visit by the Vijaynagar Empire royal Krishna Deva Raya and renovated subsequently. While its architecture has weathered a little from its old age, the temple nevertheless stands as site of serenity and holiness in this region of the Deccan. If you’re visiting Nelakondapalli, you cannot afford to miss this experience. Moreover, the view of grassy knolls offered by the surrounding region is an add-on to the wonderful view.  

2. Bhaktaramadas Dhyana Mandiram

A meditation centre dedicated to the memory of the Hindu saint Sri Bhaktha Ramdas, who was born in the town, this site is a haven of calm and spiritual fulfillment within Nelakondapalli. If you’re seeking some respite from the commotion of everyday life, then this is the place for you.

3. Buddhist Maha Stupa

Dating all the way back to 350 BC, this site of heritage was excavated in 1976. Standing tall at a whopping 54 ft and having a radius of 106 ft, this giant structure remained in obscurity for a long time until state governments made an effort to turn it into a tourist spot.  Witnessing it is a unique experience of its own kind because dug up stupas tend to be rare in India. Whether you’re an avid history lover or an enthusiast for ancient excavation or someone interested in Buddhism, then you shouldn’t miss out on visiting this place in Nelakondapalli and marvel at the serenity the place once stood for!

Buddhist Maha Stupa

Things to Do

Rooted in religion and spirituality, Nelakondapalli provides tourists plenty of opportunities to offer prayers to their gods while also enjoying the masterfully crafted shrines that these places of worship are:

Religious Exploration

In this place, there are countless temples open to pilgrims and non-devotees alike. Usually surrounded by scenic beauty and offering a sight of the lush green hills nearby, these temples also make for a great opportunity for photography enthusiasts. And after a long walk, you can even choose to picnic with your friends and family in the surrounding areas. Don’t forget to bring some snacks and drinks to have a much fun experience!


The tourist sites in Nelakondapalli are not limited to places of religious exploration. The lush green hills along with recently excavated ancient Buddhist stupas are some of the sites you can choose to visit during your stay in the town. These sites offer a sense of tranquility that you’d want after a long day in the sun.

How To Reach Nelakondapalli

Via Air: At a distance of about 197 km, the closest airport to Nelakondapalli is Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in the capital city of Hyderabad, which in turn is well-connected to every major city in India. Accordingly, it takes about 3 hrs to reach the town from Hyderabad. Upon landing, you can opt for a cab to reach the town.
Via Road: Once you reach Hyderabad, traveling to the village of Nelakondapalli is easy by a car or buses which run to Khammam from Hyderabad. Additionally, a number of government buses ply between Hyderabad and other parts of Telangana to Khammam and those looking to visit the town
Via Rail: At a distance of about 10 km, the nearest railway station to Nelakondapalli is the Khammam railway station as well as Mallemadugu railway station. Furthermore, Vijayawada Junction is a major Telangana at a distance of about 100 km from Nelakondapalli. Vskp Garib Rath is a major train boarded by tourists to Nelakondapalli.

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