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Mrugavani National Park , Hyderabad Overview

Located in the slightly silent and remote region of Chilkur in Hyderabad in the state of Telangana, Mrugavani National Park is the most popular weekend getaway for the localites and a common favourite destinations of the tourists. Sprawling over a vast area of 1211 acres, the park houses a whopping 600 species of animals and plants. The park was declared a National Park only in 1994 and has been a hit ever since. In addition to birdwatching and jungle safaris, the park also houses a tall tower that let’s you take a look at the mesmerising view of the wild land below. Besides providing the experience of witnessing exotic species of flora, fauna and avifauna; the national park also has a jungle resort which allows you to unwind and relax amidst nature. If you are in or around Hyderabad, Mrugavani National Park is a must-visit destination that should definitely not be missed.


This tract of land was declared a national park by the Indian Government in the year 1994. This was done in order to preserve the rare and special species of flora and fauna present here. By making it a national park, the species could be kept flourishing in an undisturbed manner. Also several species of exotic and rare animals have their natural habitat here.


You can spot more than 600 species of plants including sandalwood, bamboo, rosewood, teak and neem. There is an abundance of trees that envelopes the Mrugavani Wildlife Park. You will also get to see several smaller shrubs and herbal plants around the park. There is an existence of almost 20 plus species of animals like the cheetah, monitor lizards, wild boar, foxes, jackals, civet cats, black naped hares, mongooses, porcupines, etc. There are more than 600 species of birds. It is one of the exotic locations of the country that is rich in avian fauna. While there are several commonly spotted birds here like the ducks, peacocks, quails etc, there are also many other beautiful and rare birds at the park like the babblers, warblers, partridges and flower peckers.. You can also get to see more than a 100 species of insects at the Mrugavani park. Plants of this park are of tropical dry deciduous type.

Places to See

1. Environmental Education centre and Museum

The environmental and education centre is within the premises of the Mrugavani Park. It has an in-house museum, which is within the Education Centre itself. This museum houses several exhibits. These exhibits are of the wildlife, that resides in the park and of the species which were there once. There is information displayed alongside the exhibits, which provide the visitors with detailed information on historical background of the park and its development throughout the years. A visit to this in-house museum adds to your knowledge, about the park. Also you will find forest instructors there, to provide you with the details of the display.

Things to Do

There are several activities you can enjoy here like, camping, safari rides and jungle trails, on foot treks, bird watching, and many more.

1. Camping

Camping is one of the most interesting and popular activities to indulge in, when you are visiting the Mrugavani park. The forest department also manages special camps from July to February, in order to educate people about the ecosystem. Cottages for overnight stay are available at the park. This pretty much saves you from the effort of pitching up a tent. The camps organised by the forest department are an initiative to spread awareness about wildlife and the importance of its protection. `

2. Safari

Forest safaris are available if you want to know about the forest area well and see it in close details. The charges for forest safari is generally Rs. 20 per head here, which may vary depending on the number of tourists. You can also enjoy an on-foot safari or nature trail in and around the Mrugavani national park. While safaris organised in the core area of this national park needs prior permission from the government authorities responsible for the park. The safari ride is enjoyable and one of the most fun activity to do, at the Mrugavani park.

3. Reading Room

The park houses a library that is well stocked with lots of books. People who love indulging in books can simply visit the park to observe the wildlife and also read extensively about them. There are several interesting books at the ‘Mrugavani national park’ library to so that you can increase your knowledge as well.

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How to Reach Mrugavani National Park

It is pretty easy to reach the Mrugavani National Park. This wildlife park is quite popular and is also well connected to Hyderabad main highway. You can easily board a local bus, as there are several direct buses from Hyderabad toMrugavani wildlife park. While reaching Hyderabad is super easy. This city is connected to all major cities of the country by the means of air route and railways. Another thing that makes this national park more accessible, is the fact that, it lies close to the Chilkur Balaji temple- which is quite popular throughout the country.


1. Polluting the national park is strictly prohibited.
2. Also, entering the core forest areas that are marked protected, can invite trouble from the authorities.

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