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Must Visit Monasteries in Nepal

Nepal’s strong ties to Hinduism and Buddhism are evident in the fact that there are so many temples and monasteries throughout the country. Apart from being just places of worship and introspection, the monasteries are examples for great architecture.

Here is the list of 6 Monasteries in Nepal

1. Shechen Monastery

A part of the Nyingma monasteries, Shechen Tennyi Dargyeling was founded by Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche in Nepal after it was destroyed in Tibet in the 1950s. Although some parts of the monastery were destroyed in the devastating 2015 earthquake, restoration work is ongoing. Shechen houses over 150 statues, and one of the largest Tibetan libraries, apart from being home to more than 500 monks and students.

2. Swayambhunath Temple, Kathmandu

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Perched on top of the Semgu Hill located in the outskirts to the west of the Kathmandu Valley, this temple is often considered to be one of the crowning glories of the country’s architectural skills. The Swayambhu Temple is one of the most captivating of all the religious shrines in the city of Kathmandu and for good reason. Its colossal white dome, crowned by a scintillating spire, gives it a regal appearance which draws people to it on a daily basis. Circumnavigating the temple in a clockwise direction is a common practice among the pilgrims since it is believed to wash away all the sins.

3. Lumbini, Nepal - Birthplace of buddha

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Known For : Maya Devi Temple Bodhi Tree, Lumbini Mayadevi Pond

A serene pilgrimage site located close to the Indian border, Lumbini is placed in Nepal's Rupandehi District. An abode of Buddhism, the entire area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with stupas and monasteries lining the entirety of Lumbini. This is one of the foremost sites of a Buddhist pilgrimage - people come here from all over the world to study scriptures, learn more about this religion of peace, contemplate and refresh their hearts and souls. Lumbini is the place to be if you want to reassess your life, find inner peace and discover yourself.

Best Time: April to May

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4. Kopan Monastery, Kathmandu

Located on the picturesque Kopan Hills, on the fringes of Kathmandu, Kopan Monastery is a stunning Tibetan Buddhist Monastery established between the late 1960s and early 1970s by the founders of the Foundation of the Preservation of the Mahayana (FPMT). It is a well-known tourist attraction and draws people for the stunning view of the Kathmandu Valley and the tranquil atmosphere, but it is mainly for those who are interested in learning Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism.

5. White Monastery, Kathmandu

White Monastery or Seto Gomba, also known as Amitabha Monastery, is a Buddhist Monastery in Nepal, offering a mix of religious importance and natural anesthetic. The vivid terrain and the lush green landscape of the surrounding make the sunset and sunrise here, a treat to watch. Visitors can observe the whole of the Kathmandu Valley from this place. 

6. Boudhanath Stupa, Kathmandu

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Watching over Kathmandu like a guardian angel, the Boudhanath Stupa dominates the skyline with its gargantuan spherical shape. The massive mandala of this magisterial stupa makes it the largest in Nepal and the continent. Situated at a distance of about 11 kilometres from the central region and the northeastern outskirts of the capital city of Kathmandu, the stupa receives many devotees of different religions who bow their heads in humble prayers or come to seek refuge around it.

These monasteries are some of the holiest places in Nepal, when you visit them make sure you respect the people and the culture they follow.

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