Mansions in India For A Taste of Indian Luxury


Mansions in India

The ultimate luxury is being able to enjoy your home to the fullest, and nothing is better than having an alluring house of your own. Most mansions in India belong to talented billionaires who support their lavish lifestyle by building large homes. Here is a peek into 11 of the most mesmerising and breathtaking luxurious houses that keep us wanting to stare at their beauty and allure for as long as possible.

Here is the list of 12 Mansions in India For A Taste of Indian Luxury

1. Braganza House, Chandor, Goa

Braganza house, a mansion in South Goa was built in the 17th century that stretches along an entire side of the village square in Chandor. Although located slightly inland, the mansion is well worth the travel. This land was granted to the Braganza family by a Portuguese king, who built a glorious mansion that later was inherited by the sisters of the family.

2. Bajaj Mansion Wardha, Maharashtra

This dazzling building is one of the most prominent landmarks in Wardha, popularly known as the Gandhi Chowk. Jamal Bajaj, the founder of the Bajaj group. This mansion in India is till date remembered for Bajaj's contribution to the freedom movement as he was of the close friends of Mahatma Gandhi. This house became a famous place for Bapu to address people with his inspiring and motivating words. The beautiful home has an extremely spacious courtyard suitable for morning jogs and serves as a proper place for family members to sit together and have evening tree while enjoying the view of beautiful plants and clear evening sky.

3. Bangur Mansion Calcutta

The lavish two stories mansion in India showcases a reflection of the bygone era in its infrastructure as L.N. Bangur's grandfather built it in 1936. The villa has a circular driveway and a beautiful garden with a fountain that adds to its beauty. The garden is adorned by an ancient banyan tree which is the central attraction in the garden and the second oldest tree in the entire city, the family enjoys an occasional tea out in the winter under the tree. The family takes their morning coffee from their coffee house with a glass roof and enjoys a friendly tennis match in their tennis court. The house lights up at night by the ornamented chandelier placed in the covered verandah. The home aims at making its statement with its unique artefacts and paintings.

4. Murali Devi Mansion Machilipatnam

U.S. trained Scientist Murali Divi takes pride in his ancestral house that is currently considered a new icon in the port town. This mansion in India has been home to 'India's cricket captain C.K. Nayudu and quite a few other Indian legends. The blue colour of the villa in India with its vintage infrastructure and a plethora of colourful flowers and trees surrounding it, together make it a very homely and peaceful environment to live.

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5. Antilia House Mumbai

This extravagant 27-story house belongs to Mukesh Ambani and is a highlight in of Mumbai skyline. A panoramic view of the city can be seen from the three rooftop helipads. The house is 173 meters high and primarily made of glass and steel structures in a unique shape which is supposedly according to the rules of Vaastu. Out of the 27 floors in the house, one entire floor is dedicated to servicing 'Ambani's cars. Antilia home is at par with the latest concern of protecting the environment and using eco-friendly sources of power, and four floors are devoted to a personal hanging garden and act as an energy saving device by absorbing sunlight and thereby creating insulation around the entire house.

6. J.K. House Sophia College Ln, Breach Candy, Cumballa Hill, Mumbai

J.K. house belonging to Gautam Singhania, the promoter of Raymond is a 30-floor tall skyscraper with a colossal helipad. The house has its museum with ancient and unique expensive artefacts that have been acquired over a long time. Every family member has a private apartment with every possible luxury imaginable as well as a health centre to cater to all their medical needs. One day amidst the luxuries of the beautiful J.K. mansion in India is a dream come true for anyone.

7. U.B. City, Bangalore

This lavish mansion in India used to belong to Vijay Mallya. The penthouse adores the skyline of Bangalore and is surrounded by an open deck providing a 360-degree view of the entire city from the helipad. The beautiful sky mansion looks nothing less than a castle made of glass with the first structure resembling the white house that makes everything about it so breathtaking.

8. Jalsa House

Actor Amitabh Bachchan has gifted this iconic mansion in India for his role in the infamous movie "Satte Pe Satta" by the director of the film Ramesh Sippy. The house is as beautiful as a real movie set with its spectacular spiral staircase with family photos adorning the walls and making it feel like home and adding character to the house. The house is also a shooting premise at times for directors because of its exceptional elegance and impressive interior.

9. Mannat house Mumbai

The residence of one of the most loved actors in our country, Shah Rukh Khan is a dream house for many, visitors spend hours outside this place for one glimpse of the actor. It is considered to be the second most expensive mansion in India amounting up to around 200 crores, consisting of a private library, mini theatre and a swimming pool. The house is adorned with various unique pieces of art all around the house and garden on the front side. Two of the most exceptional pieces of art are M.F. Hussain paintings in the two generous bedrooms. The name "Mannat" was decided upon on by the family as it was a house of their dreams that came to reality.

10. Gupta Mansion

The lavish Gupta mansion creates an impression right at the entrance with its dazzling black graphite staircase and beautifully carved pillars. A giant piano placed at the entrance adds character to the place, making it even more beautiful. The living area has gorgeous chandeliers hanging from the ceiling that light up the entire home and at last the house has a vast garden with exotic flowers and plants for the family to sit together and enjoy the evening tea.

11. Murugappa Chettiar Mansion

The Chettiars are one of the most affluent businessmen in the industry. Their mansion is considered to have a lot of character because of its plethora of art deco pieces and Victorian architecture and their vast courtyards where they tastefully celebrate all festivals. This 80-year-old house is a perfect blend of colonial influence and local craftsmanship that together enhance its beauty.

12. Ananda Ranga Pillai Mansion, Pondicherry

Located on the Ranga Pillai Street, opposite the Grand Bazaar, Ananda Ranga Pillai is one of the most ancient heritage buildings of Pondicherry. Built in 1735, the house was named after the courtier Ananda Ranga Pillai, of the French Governor- Joseph Francois Dupleix. Also known as the Native Quarters, the privately occupied mansion is among the handful buildings known to have survived the British invasion. The mansion boasts of marvellous architecture which is a striking amalgamation of the Indian and Gothic styles.

Which of these mansions in India have you visited? Let us know your experience in the comments below!

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