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It is undoubtedly true that Dallas is a beautiful city with its own attractions but the city life can be a little hectic, which is why there is always the possibility of taking day trips from Dallas. (Read More) There are a number of locations and sites which are not too far the city that would be excellent to escape the busy city, such as parks, historic sites, museums, neighbourhoods, trails etc. Most of these are not more than 3 hours away from Dallas and can be reached via public transportation or cars.

Here is the list of 22 Day Trips from Dallas

1. Terrell


Terrel is no more than 40 minutes east of Dallas. History buffs would find the Griffith Homeplace Museum, Heritage Museum, BFTS Museum and others interesting since they provide insight into the city’s heritage. There is a cinema hall (Hometown Cinemas) to watch movies at, bowling alleys to enjoy a night of bowling along with arcade games (Terrell Bowling Center), shooting ranges (Poetry Shooting Club, Rockwall Gun Club), and also a saloon (Silver Saloon). For a little adventure or a nature retreat, The Scuba Ranch, a spring-fed lake, is absolutely wonderful. Terrell houses the Thrillvania Haunted House Park for a spooky experience during the month of October, while the Canton First Monday Trade Days, about 30 minutes from Terrell, is the largest flea market in the world.
Distance from Dallas: 32 miles
Suggested Duration: 5-7 hours
Activities: Shopping, touring historical sites and museums, visiting a haunted house, visiting the library, wildlife watching, shooting practice, bowling, watching movies etc.

2. Davy Crockett National Forest

Davy Crockett National Forest

Davy Crockett National Forest, spanning an area of 160,647 acres, is part of the Piney Woods ecoregion and lies west of Lufkin, Texas. Apart from being used for commercial purposes, the area is great for some water-related activities such as boating, swimming or fishing, because of the 45-acre Ratcliff Lake. The 50-mile Piney Creek Horse Trail and Piney Creek Horse Camp are ideal for walking, hiking, and camping respectively, and horses are allowed on the property as well. There is plenty of space for a picnic, especially in the Ratcliff Lake Recreation Area that surrounds the lake and the vast flora and fauna provide scenic beauty. Moreover, it is equipped with restrooms, an amphitheatre, a swimming area, boat ramps, a bathhouse and hiking trails.
Address: 18551 Texas 7, Kennard, TX 75847, United States
Timings: Open 24 hours
Distance from Dallas: 180.2 miles (2 hours 50 minutes away)
Suggested Duration: 5-7 hours
Recreational Activities: Swimming, fishing, boating, picnics, walking, hiking, horseback riding, mature viewing, relaxing, camping etc.

3. Arbuckle Wilderness Park

Arbuckle Wilderness Park

Arbuckle Wilderness Park is spread out over an area of about 200 acres in the Arbuckle Mountains of Davis, Oklahoma. The property consists of a number of natural habitats belonging to exotic animals from all around the globe; they roam around freely. Tours at the park include driving around the different habitats and getting close to the various animals and even feeding them during the designated time. The Walk Thru Zoological Area, House of Reptiles and Petting Zoo are some of the main attractions here. Visitors would find different kinds of souvenirs and clothing items at the Safari store while Sweet Shop Café serves some delicious treats. The park is also known to host private events such as birthdays and business gatherings.
Address: 6132 Kay Starr Trail, Davis, OK 73030, United States
Timings: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (Monday- Friday), 9:00 am to 5:30 pm (Saturday- Sunday)
Distance from Dallas: 130.4 miles (2 hours away)
Admission Fee: USD 16.99 (adults), USD 14.99 (ages 4 to 11 and senior citizens)
Animals: Burmese python, blackbuck antelopes, llamas, mouflon, ostriches, waterbucks, white rhinos, grant’s zebras etc.

4. Lake Whitney State Park

Lake Whitney State Park

Quite close to Dallas, this destination offers both conventional and non-conventional lakeside activities; it is great for swimming, fishing (largemouth, blue catfish, white bass etc.) or boating, and also for scuba diving as well as skiing. The many trails are ideal for going on hikes or for walking, while the park provides an opportunity to see different animals and birds such as deer, wild turkeys, bald eagles, raccoons, armadillos and many more. The open green spaces serve not only as excellent picnic spots but are also ideal for relaxing and taking in the beautiful views. The campsites at Lake Whitney State Park come with both water and electricity supply, as well as screened shelters.
Address: 433 FM1244, Whitney, TX 76692, United States
Timings: 8:00 am to 10:00 pm
Distance from Dallas: 77.7 miles (1.5 hours away)
Entrance Fee: USD 5 (ages 13 and above), Free (ages 12 and under)
Suggested Activities: Hiking, walking, fishing, swimming, scuba diving, camping, wildlife viewing, boating, skiing, biking, picnics

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5. Turner Falls Park

Turner Falls Park

Situated in Davis, Oklahoma, Turner Falls Park is an ideal destination for a day’s worth of adventures because of its geographical features such as the rocky terrain, waterfall, open spaces and more. The 77-feet waterfall is the biggest in the state and offers a panoramic view, as do the many streams, three caves, sandy beaches and Rock Castle. The location is great for swimming (there are swimming and wading areas), fishing (especially trout), for hiking or walking on the trails, setting up a picnic, or camping out in RVs or cabins at the designated sites. Besides engaging in adventure activities, visitors would find on-site the Turner Falls Park Concessions & Shops.
Address: U.S, Highway 77, Davis, OK 73030, United States
Timings: Open 24 hours
Distance from Dallas: 128.2 miles (2 hours away)
Pets: Not Allowed
Concessions & Shops: The Curio Shop, Snowball Stand, The Main Grill, Cactus Patch etc.
Restrictions: Climbing on rocks and cliffs, alcohol anywhere other than campsites or picnic areas, off-road vehicles

6. Lake Texoma

Lake Texoma

One of the biggest reservoirs in the United States, Lake Texoma lies at the border of Texas and Oklahoma. Given that the area is massive and open, there is an opportunity to go on a guided simple, bird or butterfly hike on one of the trails such as the Crosstimbers Trails, which is next to the waters. The area, with its lakes, beaches and coves, is perfect for boating (there are boat ramps), swimming, fishing or even animal watching. Lake Texoma has plenty of space to set up camp, go hunting in the designated areas, play golf and even go horseback riding on the equestrian trails. Several events are organised here throughout the year, and visitors would also find food joints and casinos in the area.
Distance from Dallas: 88.3 miles (1.5 hours away)
Events: Murder Mystery Dinner Cruise, Bayou Bash, Fireworks at the Roosevelt Bridge, June Marina Crawl, Texoma Throwdown etc.
Dining Options and Casinos: Bubba’s Brewhouse, Gringo’s Mexican Restaurant, Mill Creek Resort, Texoma Casino, Madill Gaming Center, Choctaw Casino Resort etc.
Suggested Activities: Fishing, boating, hiking, biking, nature and wildlife viewing, horseback riding, swimming, attending events, visiting a casino, hunting etc.

7. Palestine


Palestine is a small town within Anderson County, specifically in the Piney Woods area. There are a number of places to visit here, including churches, museums, clubs, theatres, historic residential and administrative buildings, libraries and so much more. They are popular for their architecture, their programs and their history. Some of these must-visit attractions are Carnegie Library, Denby Building, First United Methodist Church, St Philips Episcopal Church, Texas Jailhouse, amongst others. The Texas State Railroad is quite famous, owing to its vintage car, comfortable seating, dining services and the feeling of being taken back to another era. There are several events and festivals hosted at the Anderson County Livestock Arena, Outlaw Country and Fairy Garden Trail.
Distance from Dallas: 110.4 miles (1 hour 45 minutes away)
Suggested Duration: 5-8 hours
Outdoor Facilities: Davey Dogwood Park, Elkhart Golf Club, I.D. Fairchild State Park, Lake Creek Blueberry Farm, Salmon Lake etc.
Dining Options: Bird’s Egg Café, Jocelyn’s Donuts, Eilenberger’s Bakery, Oxbow Bakery, Pint & Barrel Drafthouse, Queen St. Grille etc.

8. Beavers Bend State Park

Beavers Bend State Park

Beavers Bend State Park in southeast Oklahoma is composed primarily of mountainous rugged terrain which makes it suitable for outdoor adventure activities like biking, hiking, horseback riding and even walking pets (must always be leashed). While the streams along with Broken Bow Lake and Mountain Fork River offer the possibility of fishing, canoeing, river float trips, boating and water skiing, the pine and hardwood forests provide scenic beauty. There are a number of RVs, cabins and tent campsites next to Mountain Fork River and Lakeview Lodge alongside Broken Bow Lake, all well-equipped; visitors staying here would also be served breakfast. It is also possible to play golf (at the Cedar Creek Golf Course), tennis and volleyball while here. Moreover, there are other facilities on site such as a grocery store, restaurant, amphitheatre and the Forest Heritage Center.
Address: 4350 S, OK-259A, Broken Bow, OK 74728, United States
Timings: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm (Sunday- Thursday), 8:00 am to 8:00 pm (Friday), 8:00 am to 7:00 pm (Saturday)
Distance from Dallas: 178.8 miles (3 hours away)
Recreational Activities: Scuba diving, fishing, canoeing, hiking, tennis, golf, boating, relaxing, nature viewing, camping, horseback riding, picnics etc.
Suggested Duration: 5-7 hours

9. Kimbell Art Museum

Kimbell Art Museum

This Fort Worth museum with its Louis I. Kahn Building and Renzo Piano Pavilion structures makes for an idyllic artistic experience. Kimbell Art Museum houses a massive collection of artworks, out of which the European one is extremely popular, featuring the only Michelangelo painting on exhibit in the country. Sculptures, antiquities and paintings from China, Japan, India, Nepal and others are part of the Asian collection while the African collection features bronze, wood and terracotta sculptures from Nigeria, Congo and others. Moreover, the Oceanic collection is represented by a Maori figure. Some other factors that make this museum a great place to visit are its exhibitions, its architecture, the natural lighting, the buffet-style restaurant, live performances and the gift shop.
Travel Time from Dallas: 40 minutes
Address: 3333 Camp Bowie Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76107, United States
Founded: 1936
Architectural Style: Modern
Suggested Duration: 3-5 hours
Exhibitions: Queen Nefertari’s Egypt, Turner’s Modern World, Monet; The Late Years, Renoir; The Body, The Senses, Balenciaga in Black etc.
Collections: Figure in a Shelter, Oval Form, Abstraction, L’Asie, Walking Flower, Landscape at Le Cannet etc.

10. Dr. Pepper Museum & Free Enterprise Institute

Dr. Pepper Museum & Free Enterprise Institute

A great choice for children, the Dr Pepper Museum & Free Enterprise Institute is located within Artesian Manufacturing and Bottling Company in Waco. The museum consists of three floors featuring various Dr Pepper exhibits as well as an old-fashioned soda fountain that still works. The guided tour of the museum includes a chance to take amazing photographs, tour the entire museum, get a Dr Pepper glass bottle and float, actually make Dr. Pepper at the Soda Fountain, view historic collections and much more. There is also a two-hour evening paranormal tour of the building and even some off-limit spots such as the basement. Apart from this, the museum hosts field trips and the Free Enterprise Institute educates about economic principles.
Address: 300 S 5th St, Waco, TX 76701, United States
Timings: 10:00 am to 5:30 pm (Monday- Thursday, Saturday), 10:00 am to 7:30 pm (Friday), Noon to 5:30 pm (Sunday)
Distance from Dallas: 94.5 miles (1.5 hours away)
Admission Fee: USD 6 (students, children, students with college ID), USD 10 (adults), USD 8 (military and educators with ID, ages 65 and above), Free (ages 4 and under)

11. Greenville


Greenville is a city about an hour northeast of Dallas. For anyone interested in learning a little about the city’s history and heritage, the Audie Murphy/American Cotton Museum and the historical markers are perfect. The W. Walworth Harrison Public Library with its Northeast Texas History and Genealogy Center is the place to visit for a dose of modern architecture and an expansive collection of written works. There are several musical performances to enjoy, such as at the Dallas Symphony, while the Texan Theater, a retro space, organises movie screenings, concerts and threatre productions regularly. Some other fun activities are visiting a waterpark, tasting wine at an award-winning winery, going to a farmers market, watching some folk and classical musicians perform, going on a picnic, fishing, relaxing by the waters, wildlife watching, and tasting some delicious food.
Distance from Dallas: 51.2 miles
Location: Hunt County
Weather: Humid subtropical
Attractions: Landon Winery, Graham Park, Greenville Municipal Auditorium, Heritage Garden of Hunt County, Greenville Farmers Market, Paul Matthews Nature Reserve, Splash Kingdom Family Waterpark etc.
Suggested Duration: 5-7 hours

12. Longview


The 45th biggest city in Texas, Longview is situated mainly in Gregg County and a little in Harrison County and is perfect both adults and children. The arcades, trampoline parks, escape rooms, indoor gold centres are great for some amusement, while the hot air balloons, swamp and wetland tours, adventure parks, ziplining and off-road parks provide a thrill. For culture-lovers, there are numerous art galleries, museums, performing theatres, and for those who love wildlife, there are zoos featuring various animals and birds. Moreover, there are plenty of options when it comes to eateries, along with the breweries and wineries. The city organises frequent events and festivals like the Boat and RV Show and the Great Texas Balloon Race.
Suggested Duration: 7-8 hours
Distance from Dallas: 127.6 miles (2 hours away)
Attractions: Exit Theory Escape Room, Laser X, Balloon Adventures USA, Big Cypress Tours, Longview Public Library, Caldwell Zoo, Cargill Long Trail etc.
Wineries and Breweries: Enoch’s Stomp, Fairhaven Vineyards, Oil Horse Brewing Company, Thirsty Pines Tour etc.
Means of Transportation: Private car, Uber/Lyft, rental cars, taxi, Longview Transit

13. Southfork Ranch

Southfork Ranch

A location straight out of the “Dallas” television shows, Southfork Ranch is just about 25 miles north of the city of Dallas. There are regular tours of the Ewing Mansion and the entire property, featuring numerous memorabilia from the show in the “Dallas Legends” exhibit. These include the gun that was used to shoot J.R, the “Dallas” Family Tree, Lucy’s Wedding Dress etc. All guided tours require that visitors purchase their tickets at the gift shop on-site or online. Apart from shopping at the two themed retail stores for clothing, accessories etc., and eating at Miss Ellie’s Deli, visitors to the ranch have the option of booking it for private events like gatherings, birthdays, weddings and more.
Address: 3700 Hogge Dr, Parker, TX 75002, United States
Timings: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm (Tuesday- Sunday), Monday closed
Closed On: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day
Tour Charges: USD 16+ tax (adults), USD 14+ tax (seniors), USD 9+ tax (ages 6 to 12), USD 10+ tax, per person (groups of 15 or more), Free (ages 5 and under)

14. Fort Worth

Fort Worth

Not more than a 40-minute drive from Dallas, Fort Worth is the fifth-largest city in the state of Texas. Often known as the City of Cowboys and Culture, there are plenty of recreational activities to engage in, such as visiting the Cultural District, the Fort Worth Zoo and the Stockyards National Historic District. For theatre-lovers, there is the Circle Theater, Jubilee Theater and others, the Fort Worth Opera and Billy Bob’s for musical experience and also museums like the Kimbell Art Museum, Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth and Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame. With over 260 parks (urban, neighbourhood as well as dog parks), there is plenty of space to go and relax amidst nature, take a stroll, hike or even bring pets. The Fort Worth Water Gardens is a popular one, with its pools of water and the terraced knolls. There are also a number of food joints offering some delicious treats.
Distance from Dallas: 32.4 miles
Suggested Duration: 7-9 hours
Main Attractions: Fort Worth Zoo, Airfield Falls Conservation Park, American Airlines Center, AT&T Stadium, Bass Performance Hall, Fort Worth Opera etc.
Dining Options: 203 Café, Affairs to Cater, Alma’s Paleteria, Ampersand, Acre Distilling and Coffee Co. etc.

15. Pat Mayse State Park

Pat Mayse State Park

Pat Mayse State Park is situated in northern Lamar County, in Arthur, Texas and the area comprises of thousands of acres of green land and rugged terrain. Sanders Creek, Sand Branch and Craddock Creek are some of the many streams flowing here, the campsites are great to set up a tent and light a bonfire, and the nature trails offer space for hiking or walking. Hunting is permitted at the park, given that people have a valid hunting license while the many water bodies provide the perfect opportunity to go fishing. Pets, including horses, are allowed here, and the latter must always be kept haltered on in designated pens. The fact that the area is lush green and is highly wooded, there are a number of animals and birds (like coyote, armadillo, otters, beavers, Eastern wild turkeys, owls etc.) that make for a fun wildlife viewing experience. It must be kept in mind that there are no restroom facilities on site.
Address: Arthur City, TX 75411, United States
Timings: Open 24 hours
Distance from Dallas: 118.7 miles (2 hours away)
Suggested Duration: 3-5 hours
Recreational Activities: Walking, hiking, fishing, hunting, camping, wildlife viewing, relaxing etc.

16. Enchanted Rock State Natural Park

Enchanted Rock State Natural Park

Enchanted Rock State Natural Park in Fredericksburg is about 4 hours away from Dallas. The 11 miles of trails, some of which are the Loop Trail and the Summit Trail, provide a chance to go on long walks or a hike; most of them close 30 minutes before sunset. The green open spaces are suitable to sit down, relax, read a book, set up a picnic or just watch birds and animals go about. Pets are allowed on the property but only in certain picnic areas, campgrounds and on the Loop Trail; they must be kept on a leash and not left unattended. For anyone looking to buy souvenirs of their trip, there is a store in the park which offers not only gift items, but also wood for campfires.
Address: 16710 Ranch Rd 965, Fredericksburg, TX 78624, United States
Timings: 6:30 am to 10:00 pm
Distance from Dallas: 234.9 miles
Admission Fee: USD 8 (adults), Free (ages 12 and under)
Suggested Duration: 4-5 hours
Popular Activities: Hiking, biking, picnics, rock climbing, relaxing, animal/bird watching etc.

17. Inner Space Cavern

Inner Space Cavern

Inner Space Cavern in Georgetown, Texas is a karst cave that remained hidden for about 10,000 years and has been open to the public since 1966. Besides its historical significance, the cave is visited frequently by those who wish to know about its formation; its large rooms, the stunning formations and the numerous remains of prehistoric animals (like a baby mammoth, giant sloth and sabre-toothed tiger) that we're trapped here. There are three tours on offer, for visitors, which include the Adventure Tour, Hidden Passage Tour and Wild Cave Tour. These allow visitors to walk on the developed and undeveloped trails, marvel at the formations and even go into some underground passages or chambers. Inner Space Cavern is great for adventure lovers and is open throughout the week.
Address: 4200 S IH 35 Frontage Rd, Georgetown, TX 78626, United States
Timings: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm (Monday-Friday), 10:00 am to 5:00 pm (Saturday-Sunday)
Distance from Dallas: 169.6 miles (2.5 hours away)
Charges: USD 100 (Wild Cave Tour), USD 25.95- 26.95, USD 17.95- 18.95 (Hidden Passage Tour), USD 20.95-21.95, USD 14.95-15.95 (Adventure Tour)
Suggested Duration: 2-3 hours

18. Cameron Park Zoo

Cameron Park Zoo

Cameron Park Zoo is situated in the Texan city of Waco, specifically within Cameron Park; this natural habitat zoo spans over an area of 52 acres. It features over 1731 animals from over 300 species, along with a beautiful green view, lakes, ponds and even waterfalls. Cameron Park Zoo is known for its many reptiles, birds, mammals, fish and amphibians, exhibits and even events. Exhibits such as Gibbon Island, Lemur Island and Asian Forest house animals like jaguars, cougars, bald eagles, bullfrogs, lionfish amongst others. The area comes with the Gibbon Deck, Pavilion, Treetops, and Saltwater Aquarium which are perfect for hosting indoor or outdoor private events such as birthdays or picnics while the zoo also organizes its own events like Brew at the Zoo and Stampede.
Address: 1701 N 4th St, Waco, TX 76707, United States
Timings: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (Monday- Saturday), 11:00 am to 5:00 pm (Sunday)
Distance from Dallas: 95.3 miles (1.5 hours away)
Admission Fee: USD 12 (ages 13 and above), USD 9 (ages 9 to 12), USD 11 (ages 65 and above), Free (ages 2 and under)

19. Wichita Falls and Kell House

Wichita Falls and Kell House

Wichita Falls is a city situated in the northern part of Texas, about 2 hours northwest of Dallas. One of the main attractions here is the historic Kell House Museum that was built in 1909; it is popular for its Victorian architecture and the belongings of the Kell family. For lovers of the performing arts, there is a ballet company, symphony orchestra, theatre, and galleries. The city has over 20 miles of concrete trail, making it suitable for walking, hiking, and biking. Several recreational activities are organised regularly such as softball, tennis, dance, athletics, the Castaway Cove Water Park offers respite from the heat and different museums provide insight into its heritage.
Distance from Dallas: 141.7 miles
Suggested Duration: 6-8 hours
Museums: Museum of North Texas History, Kemp Center for the Arts, Kell House Museum, Wichita Falls Railroad Museum etc.
Parks: 37 including the Weeks Park, Lucy Park
Other Attractions and Activities: Castaway Cove Water Park, football, basketball, hockey, watching ballet, theatre, dining etc.

20. Jefferson Historical Museum

Jefferson Historical Museum

The Jefferson Historical Museum is situated within the city of Jefferson in Marion County, in northeast Texas. Constructed towards the end of the 19th century and actively used until the 1960s, the Marion County Courthouse houses the museum that is now under the Jefferson Historical Society. It is the perfect opportunity to learn a little about the history of the city and the important role that it played in the development of Texas and other southwestern states. Visitors would find a large array of artefacts, objects and relics such as books, maps, pamphlets, letters, journals, manuscripts, paintings and other such works that have been kept preserved over the years so as to provide information on Jefferson. Moreover, there are Caddo Indian artefacts, a classic gun collection, a Mittie Stephens Steamboat bell and other antiquities, all aimed at educating and intriguing visitors. It also hosts lectures and symposiums.
Distance from Dallas: 166.3 miles (2.5 hours away)
Address: 223 W Austin St, Jefferson, TX 75657, United States
Timings: 9:30 am to 4:30 pm
Suggested Duration: 3-4 hours
Programs: “Reflections on Suffrage” lecture, Jefferson Civil War Symposium
Admission Fee: USD 3 (ages 6-12), USD 4 (ages 13-17), USD 7 (ages 18 to 61), USD 5 (ages 62 and above), Free (members and veterans)

21. Glen Rose

Glen Rose

Glen Rose is a relatively smaller city in the state of Texas that lies about an hour and a half away from the city of Dallas. The city has a lot to offer to its visitors, such as museums, parks, lakes, reservoirs, wildlife centres and state parks. Glen Rose is an especially great choice when looking for a day trip with children since it is home to Dinosaur World and Dinosaur Valley State Park. The weather is usually pleasant here, thus allowing visitors to fully take in the scenic views, relax next to the waters, maybe take a dip, get to know different species of animals and learn a little about the city’s heritage and culture. The Promise, a musical production, is organised every year and is excellent for anyone who enjoys live performances.
Distance from Dallas: 75.6 miles
Popular Attractions: Dinosaur World, Paluxy River, Big Rocks Park, Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, Wheeler Branch Park, and Reservoir
Museums and Heritage Sites: Somervell County Courthouse, Somervell County Museum, Creation Evidence Museum, Barnard’s Mill Art Museum
Dining Options: Storybook Café, Riverhouse Grill, Loco Coyote Grill, Pie Peddlars, Rough Creek Lodge

22. Athens


Often referred to as “Black-Eyed Pea Capital of the World,” Athens is a city that has been designated as a Certified Texas Retirement Community and is a relatively peaceful area in East Texas. There are plenty of options to go on a walk or a hike, to go fishing, and even go scuba diving; some locations are fully equipped with docks and dive shops. The lakes are idyllic for relaxing next to the calm waters, and for enjoying the beautiful flora. There are some historical sites to visit, trails to explore, vineyards to taste some wine and opportunities to learn about wildlife and aquatic life. Furthermore, when taking a break from the adventure activities, there are quite a few restaurants and cafes to try out.
Suggested Duration: 6-8 hours (1 hour away)
Distance from Dallas: 72.9 miles
Main Attractions: Athens Scuba Park, Lake Athens, East Texas Arboretum and Botanical Society, Cain Park and Cain Center, Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center
Restaurants: Athens Boathouse, Roma Italian, Railway Café, Cotton Patch Café, Jalapeno Tree
Vineyards/ Wineries: Tara Vineyard and Winery, Castle Oak Winery
Historic Site: Henderson County Historical Museum

Write down in the comments below if this list of day trips from Dallas was beneficial and if you found it engaging.

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