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Address : Stuart Road , Dallas

Founded : 1986

Class : resevoir

Wildlife : Otters, coyotes, ducks

Type : Seasonal

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Lemmon Lake, Dallas Overview

One of the shallow lakes of Dallas, Lemmon lake has its own significance. Located at South Dallas, the lake was earlier called Miller lake, named after the Miller family which owned the lake and much of South Dallas. Only a few hundred acres in size, Lemmon Lake is quite a seasonal lake going dry many times in the summers. The lake receives much of its water from the 5 mile creek that in the late 1980s and has since helped serve water to various households in South Dallas.

Lemmon Lake has very exotic and exclusive wildlife with many different types of animals settling on and around the lake. Ducks, flamingos and beavers are the common ones. Crested Caracara, Woodpeckers and white pelicans are a seasonal delight as well. However, the lake is also getting dried up more often and has become only a seasonal feature.

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