Serene Beaches in Auckland for a Perfect Chilled-out Vacation

Beaches in Auckland

Here is the list of 5 Serene Beaches in Auckland for a Perfect Chilled-out Vacation

1. Piha Beach, Auckland

Piha Beach, Auckland

Piha is a small village with approx 600 residents and is located on the Western coast of Auckland, it is a 45-50 minutes drive away destination from the city. Piha, famous for its the black-iron sand beach, is a major tourist attraction and one of the most favourite getaway destinations for Aucklanders during summer. The beach is home to the surfers across the globe. The strong water current and high waves of Piha Beach provides the best destination for surfing. The Tasman Sea is both moody and enchanting, that allows the surfers to play around the challenges.

2. Orewa Beach, Auckland

Orewa Beach, Auckland

The beach located on Hibiscus Coast Highway is the perfect spot for tourists to stop by and spend some time at. The word was originally taken from the native tree, “Rewarewa”. However, over time, this name has been shortened to “Orewa”. Orewa beach, around 44 kilometers away from North Auckland is known as the life of the beach side town. It is one of the longest beaches in Auckland and is one of the safest ones as well.

3. Bethell's Beach, Auckland

Bethell's Beach, Auckland

Located 30 km away from central Auckland, Bethell's Beach is a small seaside settlement on northern Auckland, on New Zealand's North Island. The beach was renamed in 1976 from Bethell's Beach to Te Henga, meaning 'sand' in Maori, to better reflect the Maori heritage of the beach.

4. Mission Bay, Auckland

Mission Bay, Auckland

Mission Bay, a seaside suburb of Auckland is among the most celebrated local destinations in New Zealand. Located in North Island, this place is known for its beach, food as well as water activities. This suburb offers a great experience to all its visitors, local as well as foreigners. Mission Bay has a Pohutukawa-lined beach that is separated from the main city by a beautiful scenic drive and provides people with a view of the Waitemata Harbour and Rangitoto Island.

5. Takapuna Beach, Auckland

Takapuna Beach, Auckland

Takapuna beach is one of the most beloved relaxing spots in Takapuna for locals and tourists owing to its proximity to the main Auckland City and the airport. The beach not only offers spectacular views of the region, especially the Rangitoto Island in the Hauraki Gulf but also has various water sports available, shopping sites, eateries, bars and much more. The dog-friendly beach attracts the locals to come out for walking or jogging along the beach path every morning and evening.

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