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Orewa Beach, Auckland Overview

The beach located on Hibiscus Coast Highway is the perfect spot for tourists to stop by and spend some time at. The word was originally taken from the native tree, “Rewarewa”. However, over time, this name has been shortened to “Orewa”. Orewa beach, around 44 kilometers away from North Auckland is known as the life of the beach side town. It is one of the longest beaches in Auckland and is one of the safest ones as well.

This beach, even though is not very populated, is one of the most happening places in North Auckland, only 20 minutes away from the Harbour Bridge. Right from swimming to wind-surfing to paddleboarding, Orewa Beach will keep you entertained. The beachside town is filled with multiethnic and multicultural people, making it a comfortable spot for tourists. This place is surrounded with cafes, parks, hotels and shops so that visitors can conveniently stroll around the beach and stay for as long as they want.

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Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Orewa Beach is during the summer, especially during May. This month is the hottest and driest month in Orewa, making the beach an absolute delight. The hot sun and the cold water makes this place the perfect summer day outing. Visitors can also choose to come during the autumn season, October onwards when the cool and dry weather allows them to enjoy the sand and the sea. Monsoons from June until September are not really the time to visit Orewa Beach. Not only because of the extreme currents and infrequent tide, but also because the humidity near the beach makes the sand sticky and the atmosphere humid.

Commuting Within the Area

Visitors can use cars or bikes to travel in and around Orewa. Online sites like Orewa car or MyCarYourRentals offer good deals on car rentals. Bikes are preferred in Orewa. BikeMe Orewa and Saint Cycle Orewa are well-known sites for bikes as well as bicycle rentals. Apart from that, those who live close to Orewa Beach would find a lot of places within walkable distances.

Things to Do

This 3-kilometre long beach is just perfect for visitors to have a picnic, swim, build sandcastles or simply pack a lunch and relax on the beach.

Paddle Boat Surfing
SUP’(Stand Up Paddle Boats) offers a wide range of equipment for paddle-boating throughout Orewa. For beginners or newcomers, trial lessons are also available.

There is no limit to how long visitors can swim on this beach. In fact, many times, there are swimming activities that take place on Orewa Beach and visitors are more than welcome.  

Cycling along the Beach- Visitors can hire bikes from BikeMe at rates that start from $10 and can ride along the coastline.

Walking Tours
Held by locals at Orewa, visitors can either join them or simply walk on the 3-kilometre beach.

Horse Riding
Another activity here is horse riding on the beach. Visitors can visit the official website and hire a horse.

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Kayaking, Fishing, Windsurfing and Kitesurfing are also popular activities that are common on Orewa Beach. Visitors can simply check it online on the official website or enrol when they get there.

Join the Orewa Surf Club

Places to See

  • Playground by the beach is a great place for families to indulge in some fun as well as exercise! The playground located next to Orewa Beach.

  • Waiwera: A drive just a few kilometres North from Orewa has a geothermal pool. Also, visitors can stop on the way and get an overhead view of the entire Orewa Beach.  

  • Birdlife: Alice Eaves Scenic Reserve is just the perfect place for wildlife lovers.

  • Apart from these, Wenderholm regional park, Estuary Arts, Saturday morning farmers market and Silverdale Pioneer Village are a few popular destinations around Orewa Beach.

Eating Options

  • Ice cream joints are a big thing here. There are endless ice cream stalls on and around the beach. Children mostly go gaga over a few places such as The Scoop, Faridas, YOKO and Casa Del Gelato Orewa, that are in proximity to the Orewa Beach. However, many unnamed stalls are also placed on the beach.

  • Coast Bites and Brews is known for Deep Creek Beers.

  • Charlie Coco’s would be great for juices, smoothies, shakes and snacks.

  • Kotare Bistro offers a range of seafood by the beach at Surf Club

  • Bakehouse Lane Bakery is one of the most famous bakeries in town.


Even though Orewa Beach is one of the safest beaches in Auckland, visitors should still look out for their safety. Here is a list of things to look out for:

  • Make sure you explore the sea only if you know how to swim.

  • Always swim between the flags on the beach.

  • Make sure you are aware of the hazards on the beach

  • It is also recommended to read the Travel Advice and Advisories.

  • January, February and June are the most crowded months at Orewa. Hence, hotel prices may shoot up during these months. April is the least crowded month at Orewa and visitors may get good hotel deals during this month.

How To Reach Orewa Beach

The nearest airport to Orewa Beach is Auckland International Airport. A cab, taxi or car rentals are available at the airport itself. Shuttles and buses run from Auckland International Airport till Orewa beach. A taxi or a cab will take you around 50 minutes while a shuttle or a bus would take around 2 hours.

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