6 Spots to Enjoy Surfing in Auckland

Surfing in Auckland is some of the favourite activities for locals to do and is quickly becoming a favourite amongst travellers too! New Zealand has some of the longest coastlines in the world, which means that it offers some of the best surf anywhere in the world.

Read on to find the best spots for surfing in New Zealand! 

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1. Tawharanui 

Perfect white-sand seashores and postcard-commendable landscape, Tawharanui is the city's sweet spot for surfing in Auckland for little waves and completing your Point Break dreams. Found south of Omaha on the Tawharanui Peninsula, there are a few spots to browse for both right and left-handers. The waves are fun, however, mainstream with each man and his canine in the water at the elevated tide, so know your standards regarding local people, or snatch an exercise with the group at NZ Surf Academy. 

2. Omaha 

Omaha is the little seashore town only north of Tawharanui and the ideal spot to get the entire group inundated in the surf with Saltwater Eco's definitive tenderfoot exercises. Omaha's seashore creates various seashore parts from north to south, with the district's most incredible surf break the "Omaha Bar" dwelling at the northern end. 

3. Te Arai 

A brisk an hour north of Auckland's CBD lies Te Arai, giving the most steady waves on the East Coast. The surf at Te Arai is ideal for the fledgeling to moderate surfers with fun-sized, clean waves that are ideal to learn how to go surfing in Auckland. The seashore itself flaunts completely clear waters, white sand, and in case you're fortunate, visits from passing by dolphin units.

Aotearoa Surf School is the sole administrator at Te Arai and obliges all ages and phases of surfers and considerably offers convenience on location for those needing to move away for the end of the week and figure out how to surf. Excitingly, Aotearoa Surf has as of late reported they're banding together with Sustainable Kaipara to lessen their carbon impression, participate in dependable waste administration, uphold the local natural life, and they've even planted more than 2,500 trees in their 25-section of land local eco-save. You can find out about it here.
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4. Piha 

The waves are bigger than its east coast neighbours anyway; with two first-rate surf schools—Piha Surf Academy and Piha Surf School—and various gorgeous speedo-clad lifeguards primed and ready, Piha is Auckland's hidden treasure with regards to figuring out how to surf. It is the most popular of Auckland's seashores and offers a decent left-hander. This Wild West coast stretch can be wild, so ensure you know a great deal before hitting the huge waves. 

5. Muriwai 

On the off chance that you are searching for the total figure out how-to-ride insight, surf shack, and surfers fellows included, look no farther than the Muriwai Surf School. With enough sheets and wetsuits to don the Kardashian Clan, to say the very least, you can get exercises or take the workplace for a touch of group building. Found a little ways from focal Auckland, Muriwai offers a good wave and the occasion to take your shaka aptitudes to the following level offering some of the best spots for surfing in Auckland. 

6. Raglan 

Finally, last but not least, it goes to the OG of surf schools, the Raglan Surf school. Raglan is home to New Zealand's longest point break for the individuals who don't have the foggiest idea, so it's worth the two-hour drive from Auckland. The surf school's three-hour apprentice's bundle begins with a hypothesis exercise in their surf shed study hall so you can get your head around how to stand the damnation up before being carried to the seashore for your first experience as your educators cheer you on. Not inclination, the gathering guidance vibes? You can enlist your surf educator to take you through your speeds in a less public way.

Have we missed out on any of the best spots for surfing in Auckland? Let us know in the comments below.

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