10 Spots for Shopping in Auckland So You Can Shop Till You Drop!

In New Zealand, Auckland, while famous for its immense beauty with laid out meadows and due to its population, is also a central hub of many retail shops. Shopping in Auckland is one of the best pastimes for tourists. 

If you get bored or want a break from shopping in Auckland, there are plenty of other things such as bungee jumping to take your mind off literally from anything. Filled with malls and little shops, there’s no chance of getting bored. 

Here are the 10 best Spots to Go Shopping in Auckland!

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1. Britomart 

This place is terrific and boasts the widest variety of shopping in Auckland. Shops are painted with bright rainbow colors and give a welcoming vibe. Loved by locals, ‘Britomart’ is where everyone visits to satisfy their never-ending shopping needs from clay pots to gadgets and apparel. 

2. Newmarket 

Undoubtedly, ‘Newmarket’ is the most fashionable location to go shopping in Auckland and is filled with luxurious fashion shops from around the world. For anyone who wishes to browse from the high-end clothing line and designer kinds of stuff, Broadway is a perfect choice. There are various types of apparel and garments available as well. If you are willing to splurge a bit and are looking for exquisite brands such as Zambesi and Karen Walker, this is the best place. 

3. Devonport 

It offers a pleasant shopping experience to anyone who decides to visit this place, reachable by a short ferry ride from downtown Auckland. The buildings here are all historic and have served as a marketplace for a very long time. Devonport is quite famous for its boutique stores that only sell branded goods, jewelry shops filled with beautiful diamond rings, and souvenir shops to buy special items to take back home. 
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4. Ponsonby 

‘Ponsonby’ as a marketplace has evolved throughout time and is currently one of the hippest locations in Auckland. This place is for those who believe fashion to be paramount of everything. If you are looking to buy the latest inventions in the clothing world, this is the right spot for hundreds to flock over to buy the best in fashion. 

5. Takapuna 

Just like a pandora box, Takapuna is a place where you don’t know what you will find next, and you won’t be able to stop shopping as you keep finding out new items. Located near Auckland’s North Shore, you can reach the marketplace by a short drive that takes around 15 minutes. Having more than 400 shops, and new stalls opening up as soon as the old ones close. 

6. Parnell 

Parnell is the most premium location you can visit if you are looking for a high-end shopping experience and have money in your pocket. Offering designer decor, which you will rarely find at other sites, and with the likes of movie stars visiting the shops, this place can satisfy all your shopping desires. Apart from decor and garments, some of the best jewelry items are sold here; as one of the oldest suburbs in town, locals love Parnell. 
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7. Queen and High Street 

One of the most peculiar shopping locations in town, Queen and High street houses almost all the world-famous brands such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci. After you get tired of shopping, there are plenty of eateries that sell low-end pizza and light brunches. Lower Queen street also has a dazzling array of shops and food stalls. 

8. Chancery Street 

One of the most fun places to shop at, Chancery Street is a combination of shopping stops and restaurants to satisfy your every need that presents a pleasant experience. Located in the city’s heart, Chancery Street is a perfect shopping square where tourists and locals flock to shop for different budgets and occasions. There is also an outdoor courtyard located away from the busy streets in a sophisticated area. 

9. T-Galleria 

While not the best shopping location than the spots mentioned above, T Galleria is also loved a lot by locals and tourists. Situated in the heart of Auckland, it’s a shopping mall that’s always busy due to one thing, all its products are duty-free. Due to this, many products can be bought for a lower price compared to the famous shopping spots. Located at 22 Customs road, the mall offers a variety of products at low rates. 

10. Sylvia Park Shopping Centre 

The busiest shopping location in the town, this shopping centre offers quite some exquisite things that you won’t find anywhere. With eye-catching high contrast decor and lots of nature inclined, interior design materials are the reason for the bustling streets. Sylvia Park is a quite big shopping center that offers everything a shopper requires.


These are the best spots to satisfy all your needs for shopping in Auckland, there are things to shop for each type of budget. Happy shopping. 

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