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The Art Galleries in Dallas are a sight to see for not only art lovers but also locals and other visitors. These galleries have an extremely exotic collection of artworks of all types of media. They (Read More)showcase the artwork of not only professionals but also emerging and mid-career artists to highlight upcoming talent. They use the works to create impacts, for decorative purposes and also to help young artists grow and flourish.

Here is the list of 26 Art Galleries In Dallas

1. Laura Rathe Art Gallery, Dallas

Laura Rathe Art Gallery, Dallas

Founded by Laura Rathe more than 25 years ago, the Laura Rathe Fine Gallery opened its doors in Houston in 1998. Its third and Dallas gallery is located in Dragon street, the city’s premiere arts district destination. Over the years, the gallery with its superb leadership has established itself as one of the most reputed and go-to art galleries in the city.

2. David Dike Fine Art, Dallas

David Dike Fine Art, Dallas

David Dike Fine Art was established in 1986. The gallery mainly concentrated on artworks of the 19th and the 20th century. Providing a platform for the locals of the state. The gallery provides an extensive range of works that are made out of different material. The Gallery also holds frequent auctions and exhibitions to promote its artworks and artists.

3. Dallas Contemporary, Dallas

Dallas Contemporary, Dallas

Dallas Contemporary was founded in the year 1978 in the Design District of Dallas, dedicated to Design. The Museum conducts exhibitions of their artwork throughout the year each in a different form from one another.

4. Dunn and Brown Contemporary, Dallas

Dunn and Brown Contemporary, Dallas

The Dunn and Brown Contemporary, now known as the Talley Dunn Gallery was founded by Talley Dunn and Lisa Brown in 1999. The objective of the gallery was to give young and new artists a platform to showcase their artwork and get recognized for their talent. Some of the famous artists that they represent are Gary Panter, Trenton Doyle and Melissa Miller. The gallery is truly a spectacle and inspiration for all the budding artists. The gallery is only accessible by appointments.

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5. Craighead Green Gallery, Dallas

Craighead Green Gallery, Dallas

The CraigHead Green Gallery is one of Dallas’ finest contemporary art galleries not only in Dallas but also in Texas. The gallery is known for its contemporary paintings, archival pigment prints and sculptures in a variation of media and styles of art.

6. Texas Visual Art, Dallas

Texas Visual Art, Dallas

The Texas Visual Arts Association has been a leading art gallery in terms of conducting exhibitions and giving an enriching platform to young and budding artists. One of the oldest galleries in Dallas, the Texas Visual Arts Association also holds multiple exhibitions to promote art and artists in high school.

7. Art Dallas, Dallas

Art Dallas, Dallas

The Art Dallas Inc is one of Dallas’ oldest and functioning art galleries. Like many other galleries in the city it is highly known for its aid to designers and owners for decorating their home and workplaces. The gallery customized a range of shapes, materials, textures and artworks to come up with the best set of products to creatively design a household.

8. Art Gallery Pure, Dallas

Art Gallery Pure, Dallas

Art Gallery Pure is an emerging art gallery in Dallas dedicated to providing a platform for young and emerging artists, providing artworks at affordable prices. The modern art gallery is known for not just contemporary art but also photography, digital art, acrylic colours, oil and much more. They have a series of paintings and scriptures that make the gallery more versatile and popular among the masses.

9. Barry Whistler, Dallas

Barry Whistler, Dallas

The Barry Whistler Gallery is one the most popular galleries to have merged in the mainstream market in this decade. The gallery has some very unique art pieces that one will not find anywhere else. The gallery has been named in various magazines and journals. It also started a new 8 days a week tradition to promote its art and artists. The gallery is a must visit. You can visit the gallery only via appointments.

10. 500 X Gallery, Dallas

500 X Gallery, Dallas

500 X Gallery was established in 1978 and ever since has been one of the most diverse art galleries in the city of Dallas. The 500 X gallery organizes an annual art exhibition where a jury shortlists the work of people who they believe are extremely talented. In Addition to this, they also have open calls for artists who wish to display their work for a very small fee.

11. Kettle Art Gallery, Dallas

Kettle Art Gallery, Dallas

An award-winning art gallery the Kettle Art gallery in Dallas is known for its forefront in the 2005 Dallas art movement. The art gallery is more focused on the rising mid-career local artists in the city. The kettle art gallery is now more focused on creating a relaxing environment for its art patrons as well as its visitors.

12. Art Gallery Inc, Dallas

Art Gallery Inc, Dallas

The Art Gallery Inc. is located in the city of Dallas and is known for its wide variety of artworks by local and famous artists.

13. Martin Lawrence Galleries, Dallas

Martin Lawrence Galleries, Dallas

The martin Lawrence Art Gallery was founded in 1975 and has ever since been an extremely attractive destination for the art enthusiasts in the city of Dallas. They believe in showing the best quality of art work and relighting the sparks of the great artists who contributed greatly to art

14. Galleri Urbane, Dallas

Galleri Urbane, Dallas

The Galleri Urbane Dallas is known for its showcase of contemporary art since 2000. The gallery was originally located in Marfa and later shifted to Dallas for its bigger and better location. The art gallery aims at highlighting the importance and emergence of budding artwork.

15. Conduit Art Gallery, Dallas

Conduit Art Gallery, Dallas

The Conduit Art Gallery is located in the heart of the city The gallery allows the visitors to engage with a rich collection of artwork done by renowned artists. They also have usual exhibitions for the artists to showcase their masterpieces and keep the public interested in contemporary art.

16. Ro2 Art Gallery, Dallas

Ro2 Art Gallery, Dallas

The Ro2 Art gallery is located in The Cedars on the outskirts of Downtown Dallas. The art gallery is home to a wide range of emerging, mid career and professional artists. The main purpose of the gallery is to collect such people together and build a community of artists with a strong message for the people.

17. TalleyDunn Art Gallery, Dallas

TalleyDunn Art Gallery, Dallas

The TalleyDunn art gallery is a smaller art gallery in the city of Dallas. The gallery is home to fine pieces of artwork, sculptures and abstract paintings curated by a few of Dallas’ most talented artists. The TalleyDunn art gallery is known for its exciting perceptions of each and every artwork that is currently present at the insightful art gallery.

18. Valley House Art Gallery, Dallas

Valley House Art Gallery, Dallas

The Valley House art Gallery is known for its running art exhibitions throughout the year in the city of Dallas. The gallery has a continuously changing art collection with several different pieces shown at every exhibition. The gallery is known for its highly clean and fresh location which is situated in the middle of mountains and greenery.

19. Samuel Lynne Art Gallery, Dallas

Samuel Lynne Art Gallery, Dallas

The Samuel Lynne Art Gallery is an attraction in the city of Dallas. The art gallery in Dallas was built to fulfill the dream of an art JD Miller and entrepreneur Philip Romano. They gallery works with a very selected group of artists who wish to convey a strong message through their artwork to the contemporary world.

20. Southwest Art Gallery, Dallas

Southwest Art Gallery, Dallas

The Southwest Art gallery is one of Dallas’ most beautiful and visited art galleries in the city. The gallery is known for its exotic range of artworks that is displayed for home designers and art enthusiasts. In addition to the detailed artwork at the gallery they also have live sculptures and models for people to purchase to decorate their houses or offices.

21. Banks Fine Art Gallery, Dallas

Banks Fine Art Gallery, Dallas

The Banks Fine Arts was established in 1980. Since its inception, the art gallery has focused on provisioning exceptional art pieces and 100 percent satisfaction to its customers. The gallery was founded by Bob and Morley Banks. The gallery provides not just art works but also cortes, Thibeseart and much more, making it a popular place for exploring and purchasing artworks.

22. Angstrom Art Gallery, Dallas

Angstrom Art Gallery, Dallas

The Angstrom Gallery is a one stop place for anyone who loves art. They entertain visitors who have no knowledge in art and are there to buy their art works from professional artists who come to visit the gallery.

23. Goss Micheal Foundation, Dallas

Goss Micheal Foundation, Dallas

The Goss Michael Foundation was established recently in 2007 by George Micheal and Kenny Goss and hence the name of the art gallery. The gallery shows the paintings that were owned by Kenny Goos. This collection includes the work of renowned artists like Tracey Emim, Damien Hrist, Marc Quinn and Si Micheal Craig. They also support a cause which helps budding talent be recognised. In addition to this, they are also involved in several charity events in and outside the country.

24. Beaux Art Gallery, Dallas

Beaux Art Gallery, Dallas

The Beaux Art gallery is a well-known art gallery of Dallas, popular for providing artworks that depict the history of the world from 16th century to 19th century. The Gallery has been popularising itself and its art works for more than 20 years and has now become a go-to destination for historical art lovers. The gallery is also known for framing and designing.

25. PDNB Art Gallery, Dallas

PDNB Art Gallery, Dallas

The PDNB Galleries full form is ‘Photographers do not bend society.’ The gallery was originally located at an uptown location. It is now moved to Glass Street.The gallery is solely based on photographs that are clicked by regional, national as well as international artists. They hold clicks dating back to the early 20th century.

26. Circuit 12 Contemporary, Dallas

Circuit 12 Contemporary, Dallas

The Circuit 12 Contemporary Art Gallery is one of the most innovative and unique art galleries in Dallas. The modern day art gallery focuses on not just contemporary art but also digital arts, 3-D art, abstract art and much more. The gallery serves as a platform for mid-career emerging artists looking for new opportunities and recognition. The gallery works with many renowned artists in the city and constantly hold exhibition for the artists.

Here is our collection of the diverse art galleries in Dallas, we hope you like it do let us know what you think in the comments below.

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