The wilderness of God’s own country: Wildlife circuits from Kerala 2

Kerala, aptly called as God’s own country is blessed with coral reefs, tinkling water bodies, beautiful backwaters and the valley enwrapped with greenery. The trip to this state exploring its national parks would be the most amazing of all experiences. you’d require about 5-6 days to cover  the national parks extensively and properly.

 1.Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

 The nearest airport to this exotic and enchanting bird sanctuary is Kochi. It is located on the banks of Lake Vemband, in the backwaters of the beautiful state of Kerala. It is abode of the maximum number of migratory birds in the country. These beautiful creatures on wings which are sure to charm you include spot larks, cuckoos, herons, owls, flycatcher and Siberian crane. Some of these birds migrate from Siberia and others form the gigantic Himalayas. It has the apt tropical climate, which is suitable for tourists as well as birds. It would indeed be the perfect start for an exploration and is a paradise for an ornithologist.

 2. Periyar National Park (Thekkady)

The next nearest park is the Periyar National Park, which is famous for its tiger reserve. It is also known for the elephant reserve. This park is located in the Western Ghats, immersed in luxuriant greenery. It is composed of Savannah grasslands and is reachable all the year round. The place is also known as Thekkady. Here you would be enthralled to spot herds of elephant, which are indeed a sight to witness. You will be ushered to the park by varieties of bird, spotted deer, and macaque and of course many number of reptiles. The high point of the tour is the boat ride, which will take your spirits high amidst natural beauty. The peace amalgamated with wild beauty will never want you to leave this place. The flora involves the forest of teak, tamarind, rosewoods, fig, Kino tree and mangoes. The plantations of coffee, cardamom and tea add an exotic aroma to the environment.

 3. Eravikulam National Park

Nilgir Tahr  Source

Nilgir Tahr

The Eravikulam National Park is approximately 15 kilometers form the city of Munnar. It is located in the Idukki district and is charming grassland environ.  It is known for the endangered species of goat, Nilgiri Tahr. You can see it amidst grassland, or strolling near a stream. It is indeed a beautiful sight to witness the species in its natural habitat. January to April is the calving period for the Nilgiri Tahr hence the park is closed. There are about 26 species of mammals found here. The birds which enchant the park include Nilgiri Pipit, White Bellied Short wing, Flycatcher, Laughing thrush etc.

 4. Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

Another wildlife sanctuary, close to Munnar is Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. At here, there are availability of good hotels, resorts and accommodations. This place has a rainy season which extends to at least two months because it is located in the rain shadow region of the enchanting Western Ghats. Those of you who enjoy trekking would love this deciduous forest. And you will also be able to witness the endangered species of squirrel called Giant Grizzled Squirrel along with other flora and fauna.

 5. Silent Valley National Park

The Silent Valley National Park is located approximately 200 kilometers far from the district of Idukki. It is known for its reservoirs of tigers. It is the abode to the largest number of lion tailed macaque, which is an endangered species of primates. It is a rainforest area and is a home to many other species of flora and fauna. It is located in the Nilgiri Hills. And is a must see environment.

Going Beyond Dosa In Kerala

This state is no wonder a favorite for tourists. It has the most amazing forests, ecosystems and wildlife sanctuaries, which are bound to make you feel enthralled. And then there are unending options for hotels and accommodations, which can be booked from this website. It would be a perfect holiday to book a hassle free complete package and spend a splendid vacation. So what are you waiting for, book a ticket and a hotel and experience the wild with your own eyes.



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