Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary

Weather :

Timings : 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Time Required : 2-3 hours

Entry Fee : Adult: INR 15
Children (Below 12 years): INR 7
Foreigners: INR 150

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Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary, Kannur Overview

Being the northernmost wildlife reserve in the whole of Kerala and the only wildlife sanctuary in Kannur, the Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary is quite a big deal. Amidst these sky-touching trees and mesmerising greenery, many exotic wildlife species have marked their territory. Taking a safari through the thick verdure and venturing deeper into the forests, you will encounter many striking and remarkably extraordinary species of animals as well as birds that will leave you stumped and in awe of nature's wondrous creations.

There are nature camps organised at the Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary that attempt to acquaint the people, especially students, to the wildlife and give them a chance to take a much-needed break from the city's blaring noise. The sanctuary also has a few trekking locations that have attracted the attention of many tourists for the past few years. The landscape of the Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary is an interesting one that ranges between a depth of only 50 metres above sea level to an altitude of 1145 metres in the skies at Katti Betta, its highest peak. Dotted with towering trees and dense foliage, this sanctuary is adorned with a beautiful mix of a diverse forestation- evergreen, semi-evergreen and moist deciduous. 

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Flora & Fauna at Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary

The diversity in the forestation and the tropical climate makes the Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary an ideal home for more than 23 species of mammals. Going on a safari through the thick and thin of this sanctuary, you may make acquaintance with many of these native residents like Sloth Bear, Mouse Deer, Elephant, Sambar, Barking Deer, Wild Boar and Gaur. Not just these herbivores, if you're in luck, you may also be able to spot leopards, tigers and other wild cats in all their majestic glory!

Another interesting resident of this incredible sanctuary is the Malabar Giant Squirrel or the Flying Squirrel. This mammal is quite a rare species, and it is an absolute delight to watch these wonderful creatures in action. There are also about 22 species of reptiles and 23 species of amphibians that will make your visit to the sanctuary all the more exciting, like the rare and lethal, King Cobra.

The main water body around this sanctuary is the Cheenkannippuzha River, and this river is a haven for ornithologists and avifauna enthusiasts! The Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary is excitement galore for the birding folk because more than 188 different species of birds call this sanctuary their home, including scores of endemic and endangered species. These include Great Pied Hornbill, Malabar Grey Hornbill, the Blue Winged Parakeet, Ceylon Frogmouth, Broad Billed Roller and Nilgiri Wood Pigeon. Fluttering around you will be 144 enchanting and mind-blowingly beautiful species of butterflies. Their vibrant colours and rhythmic dance is sure to have you charmed.

The authorities are also making all efforts to develop a thriving fish population. The sanctuary waters now support over 39 species of fish and are on the way to expand a lot more.

Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary Trek

Going on a safari around the sanctuary is a good way to explore the territory and give yourself the chance to spot some of the region's most magnificent and rare creatures. A great way to do this would be spending the night at the Ambalapara Watch Tower and the Meenmutty Watch Tower. Tourists and wildlife enthusiasts trek to these watchtowers and spend the night to increase their chances of spotting the native wildlife, especially the nocturnal animals like the big cats. You don't have to worry about any jungle risks because a minimum of five watcher guides accompanies and protect every six tourists.

Going to the Meenmutty Watch Tower is an easier and shorter trek and also gives you a chance to visit the nearby Meenmutty Falls. Captivated by nature's purity, surrounded by its pristine beauty and away from all the noise and distractions, spending a night at the watchtower and letting yourself go in the grasps of nature will undoubtedly be an enthralling adventure both for your mind and body.

Nature Camp at Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary

Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary conducts about 60 nature camps a year that aim at educating the people, mainly students, about the environment and the need for its sustenance. These camps go on for 2 or 3 days and have an average participation of 40 students each time. If a non-student group wishes to join this Nature Camp, they need to be authorised by the Chief Conservator of Forests as an initiative of safety for the students.

Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary Entry Fees

Adult: INR 15 per head
Children (Below 12 years): INR 7 per head
Foreigners: INR 150 per head
Vehicle (Heavy): INR 150
Vehicle (Light): INR 75 per vehicle
Vehicle (Others): INR 20
Guide: INR 150
Video / Movie: INR 150
Ordinary Camera: INR 25

It is important to note that that smoking, liquor and polythene bags are not allowed within the premises of the Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary.

Best Time To Visit Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary

Ideally, it would be best to visit the Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary during summers between March and June. During this period, all the animals tend to come out of their hiding to the watering hole. Hence, the chances of spotting many of these exotic and remarkable creatures are incredibly high.

Monsoons and post monsoons are not an ideal time to visit the sanctuary. The sanctuary remains closed between July and September on account of the rains. Post monsoons, the forest becomes thick and dense with greenery everywhere. No doubt, this makes the sanctuary all the more beautiful, but it makes it more difficult to spot the animals in the thick foliage.

How To Reach Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary

The Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary is a tucked away from the noise and disturbance of the cities into the outskirts of Thalasseri. The route to get to this sanctuary is breathtaking and truly awe-striking. You can get to Iritty, which is the nearest town to the sanctuary at a distance of 5 kms, and then take a cab to the sanctuary. You can also get here from Kannur, Wayanad, Virajoet and Thalasseri- all connected to this sanctuary by open roads and stunning views. It is recommended that one take their private vehicle to the sanctuary instead of hiring a cab.

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