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Opening hours : Tuesday - Sunday: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM (Closed on Monday)

Entry Fee : Adults: INR 250 per person 
Children (5 to 12 yrs): INR 125 per person 
Children  (under 5 yrs): INR 5 per person
Foreign Tourists:  INR 300 per adult & INR 150 per child

Best Time to Visit : Morning hours of the day in the Winter season (November to March)

Location : Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Mayam, Vazhichal, Kerala, 695551, India

Trip Duration : 2 - 3 hrs

Wheelchair Accessible: : Yes

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Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Trivandrum Overview

The Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary is nestled on the southern side of the Western Ghats, just 32 km from the main city. The sanctuary was established in 1958 and covers an area of 128 sq km. Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary is a riveting destination near Thiruvananthapuram that offers a lion safari and houses a rehabilitation center for elephants, a crocodile farm, & a wide range of wildlife species, including deers & leopards. Also, it is a spectacular location as it is the point of confluence of three rivers - Neyyar, Kallar, & Mullayar.

The Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary houses around 176 bird species and over 30 animal species, such as elephant, tiger, leopard, sloth bear, sambhar, barking deer, Nilgiri tahr, bonnet macaque, and Nilgiri langur. The sanctuary also has various medicinal herbs, thick plantations, and meadows. A visit to Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary offers a fascinating sight for nature lovers. Other than flora & fauna, it has many trekking trails, and one of those trails takes the visitors to the 1868 m high Agasthyamalai Peak.

People visit this place to enjoy the scenic views & spend time with their dear ones, as this sanctuary is apt for visitors of all age groups. Besides, this Wildlife Sanctuary is the drainage basin of the Neyyar River. To have an impressive view of the area, visitors can also climb up the watchtower and observe the animals from above. Neyyar dam is one of the most remarkable areas of this sanctuary, which fosters rare plants and animals. This sanctuary offers boating facilities at the Neyyar Dam Lake, which draws many visitors. The dam site is famous for its natural beauty & serenity and is an idyllic spot for tourists and trekking enthusiasts who love exploring quaint places.

Must Know Before You Visit Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary

Must Know Before Visiting Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary :

  • You should avoid wearing bright-colored clothes on your visit, especially for the lion safari. The dresses in green, brown, or khaki color will be apt.
  • Bring food and water bottles with you if you are visiting for a family picnic.
  • The area can sometimes get very hot, so visitors are advised to wear comfortable clothing, shoes, & sunscreen. Also, pack warm clothes if you will be having an overnight stay.
  • Adhere to all the rules and regulations set by the authorities as wildlife is the treasure of our nature, and their safety must not be compromised.

Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary Highlights

1. The Bus Safari

The Bus Safari
The Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary offers a 2-hour safari for tourists, which includes a boating ride to an island and a  forest department vehicle ride to get inside the sanctuary. During the safari, (Read More) you will trek through the forests and come across the forest wildlife, like flying squirrels, leopard cats, and hares. There is a vast natural vegetation cover in the sanctuary, which fosters varied wildlife, including birds, reptiles, and mammals. Along with leopards, sambar deers, and Nilgiri tahrs, you can catch sight of tigers, Asian elephants, and lion-tailed macaques. In this jungle safari trip, you will be taken to different dedicated areas in the sanctuary, such as the lion park, elephant rehabilitation center, and crocodile farm.

2. The Elephant Rehabilitation Centre

The Elephant Rehabilitation Centre
The Elephant Rehabilitation Centre within the Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary is the habitat of several elephants. This center looks after these elephants and the visitors can also feed the elephants and pl (Read More)ay with the elephant calves here. Besides, the visitors can also enjoy elephant riding at the rehabilitation center.

3. The Lion Park

The Lion Park
Those visitors who are a bit more adventurous can opt for the lion safari in The Lion Park at this Sanctuary. Lion Park is another top highlight in this sanctuary. A bus will take you on the safari tr (Read More)ip to Lion Park, where you will be in the natural habitat of the lions. You will be thrilled to spot the lions so close to their natural surroundings. They can be roaming around your bus or lazing under a tree and seeing your activities.

4. The Crocodile Farm

The Crocodile Farm
Another notable point of interest for tourists is the Crocodile farm located within this sanctuary. It embraces several crocodiles and is also a rehabilitation and research center for these creatures. (Read More) You can visit the rehabilitation center for crocodiles to observe the efforts put in by the staff for protecting the crocodiles.

5. Guided Trekking

Guided Trekking
The Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary also offers two guided trekking programs. The first one is a 6 km long trek with a one-day duration which starts with a 9 km boat cruise to Kombai, followed by a trek thr (Read More)ough dense forests and tribal villages and dense forests to reach the Meenmutty Falls. The second is a 12 km trek by Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary includes a Kombai boat cruise, then a guided trek to Meenmutty Falls and Theerthakkara–Puivizhuthan Chuna. After staying at Meenmutty camp overnight the trekkers head to the deer park, elephant rehabilitation center, lion safari park, and other important areas.

6. Boating at Neyyar Dam Lake

Boating at Neyyar Dam Lake
On arriving at the Dam site within the sanctuary, you will see lush greenery and plenty of exotic bird species all around you. It is a famous location for a picnic and offers boating facilities for vi (Read More)sitors. Here, you can go for a boat ride at the dam lake for having an unforgettable experience with your family or friends. A serene boating trip over the calm & clear water in this sanctuary, with the backdrop of the Western Ghats, offers a magnificent view of nature. Visitors can either choose a safari boat ride or a speedboat ride for a rip-roaring experience. The Safari boat ride is a 40 min ride, and the Speed boat one is a  20 min ride.

Boating Charges: For Safari Boat (20 min) - INR 400 per person

For SpeedBoat - INR 250 per person

7. Overnight Camping

Overnight Camping
Other than the forest rest house at Meenmutty, the visitors can also have a night stay at other places in the Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary. They have a rest house & youth hostel at Neyyar and a dormi (Read More)tory at Kombai & the Agasthya House for visitors. Also, the tourists can book their stay at the Inspection Bungalow.

8. Visiting Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram

Visiting Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram
On your trip to this Wildlife Sanctuary, you can also visit the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram located near the sanctuary. It has a friendly and peaceful atmosphere that is favorable for pr (Read More)acticing yoga and meditation, as the ambiance aids in developing inner peace. The ashram conducts various yoga sessions and offers courses related to classical techniques of yoga. You can learn different yoga practices here. They also offer various relaxing ayurvedic therapies.

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How to Reach Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary

Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary is around 32 km from Trivandrum, which is one of the important cities in Kerala. Usually, it is a one-day trip from Trivandrum to Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary and back. There are regular buses to the sanctuary. However, the most convenient way to reach this destination is via a cab so that you explore the sanctuary at your own pace without worrying about the bus departure schedule.

By Air - Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary is approximately 35 km from the Trivandrum International Airport in Kerala. Visitors can hire a taxi or cab from airport to the sanctuary. It takes around 1 hour 20 min to arrive at this destination.

By Road - The nearest bus station is around 30 km from the sanctuary and visitors can hire a cab to this sanctuary and other tourist attractions around this city.

By Rail - The Trivandrum Central railway station is also around 30 km from Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary.

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