Places to Visit in Sabah

Here are the top 14 places to visit in Sabah in 2023:

1. Kota Kinabalu

4.1 /5

1 out of 14
Places to visit in Sabah 22
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Kota Kinabalu, commonly referred to as KK, is the capital of Sabah. The city lies on the fringes of the South China Sea and is home to the majestic Mount Kinabalu, after which it is named. Serviced by Kota Kinabalu International Airport, this city serves as the gateway to eastern Malaysia and partic...

Best Time: September to December

2. Labuan

3.7 /5

2 out of 14
Places to visit in Sabah 20
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Located off-coast of Sabah, East Malaysia, Labuan is a duty free island and federal territory of Malaysia. The main island of Labuan and six other small islands together make up the Federal Territory of Labuan. These six smaller islands are Daat Island, Papan Island, Burung Island, Kuraman Island (a...

3. Sandakan

3.7 /5

3 out of 14
Places to visit in Sabah

Sandakan, also known as Elopura, is the capital of the Sandakan district in Sabah, Malaysia. It also the largest town in Sabah after Kota Kinabalu. Located on the Sandakan Peninsula, northeastern of Sabah, it is well known for its main ports that export goods of prime importance all around the world...

4. Tawau

3.1 /5

4 out of 14
Places to visit in Sabah 12
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Tawau, formerly known as Tawao, is a popular tourist destination popular for cocoa, prawn farming, and Sabah's best seafood. Located on the Semporna Peninsula on the southeast coast of the state, Tawau is the third-largest town in Sabah. Gateway to Tawau Hills Park and a coalescence of ethnicities a...

5. Semporna

4.5 /5

5 out of 14
Places to visit in Sabah 7
Tourist attractions

Semporna is a town on Borneo island located in the Malaysian state of Sabah. Serviced by the Tawau Airport, which is around 58 Kms away, it is the capital of the Semporna district under the Tawau Division. Semporna is generally a staging point for visitors while going to dive or snorkel at nearby is...

6. Sepilok

3.9 /5

6 out of 14
Places to visit in Sabah

Sepilok is a small town located in the state of Sabah, around 25 km from Sandakan. Sepilok is popularly known for its Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre which is a perfect spot for ecotourism and to enjoy a laid back weekend. It is also known for the World’s only Sun Bear Sanctuary, the Sun Bear Conser...

7. Tawau Hills National Park

4.4 /5

7 out of 14
Places to visit in Sabah

Tawau Hills Park is a nature reserve located in Tawau town in the Southern-East part of Sabah, Malaysia. Nature lovers, hikers and adventure seekers would definitely love a visit to this park which offers several activities like wildlife watching, bird watching, hiking and trekking to the hills. Gre...

8. Tabin Wildlife Reserve

8 out of 14
Places to visit in Sabah

The Tabin Wildlife Reserve in a 1,225 km natural preserve located 48 km from Lahad Datu in Sabah. It is considered as the largest wildlife reserve in Malaysia covering an area of 300,000 acres. One major drawing factor of this reserve are its mineral rich mud volcanoes which spew out mud everyday an...

9. Danum Valley Conservation Area

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Places to visit in Sabah

Located in the north-eastern part of Borneo in Sabah, Danum Valley Conservation Area is a lowland dipterocarp forest. Spreading over 438 sq. km, this pristine forest land is around 82km away from Lahad Datu, which is the nearest town. It houses endemic flora and fauna and is known for species such a...

10. Maliau Basin Conservation Area

4.5 /5

10 out of 14
Places to visit in Sabah

Maliau Basin Conservation Area is a 25-km wide bowl-shaped catchment depression which is now a popular rainforest in Sabah, Malaysia. It is one of the world's greatest biodiversity zones housing almost 2000 types of flora and fauna. Maliau Basin attracts adventurers, trekkers and naturalists. The Ri...

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11. Pulau Tiga National Park

4.5 /5

11 out of 14
Places to visit in Sabah

Pulau Tiga National Park consists of a group of coral reef-ed islands situated in Sabah, Malaysia, surrounded by the magnificent South China Sea, opposite the swamps of the Klias Peninsula. The park has three main islands, as the name suggests. These islands were formed by eruptions of mud volcanoes...

12. Kapalai Island Beach

12 out of 14
Places to visit in Sabah

Tucked into the beautiful north-western coast off Sabah Borneo, Kapalai is a unique resort beach island that is actually a low-tide sandbank above the biodiverse Ligitan Reef. Kapalai Island Beach’s warm turquoise waters and coral reefs make for excellent snorkelling and kayaking. Additionally, the ...

13. Rainforest Discovery Center

4.6 /5

13 out of 14
Places to visit in Sabah

Open daily, the Rainforest Discovery Centre offers engaging activities in the tropical flora and fauna of Sabah Rainforest. Outside the exhibit hall, a botanical garden presents samples of tropical plants. Walk the gentle 1km lakeside trail, a series of eight canopy towers connected by walkways to g...

14. Mahua Waterfall

4.6 /5

14 out of 14
Places to visit in Sabah

Tucked into Patau Village's virgin forests, Mahua Waterfall sits inside Crocker Range National Park. It is a plunge type waterfall cascading from a height of 17 metres and is among Sabah's best ecotourism attractions for trekking and camping. In addition, there is a 1.2-metre-deep natural pool for s...