Tourist places in Sarawak

Here are the top 15 places to visit in Sarawak in 2023:

1. Kuching

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Places to visit in Sarawak 30
Tourist attractions

The state capital of Sarawak and the largest city on the island of Borneo, Kuching is a diverse city which has incorporated multiple cultures and has evolved as a city with a unique cultural identity. Located on the banks of the Sarawak River, it is serviced by its own international airport and...

2. Bau

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Places to visit in Sarawak

Bau is located in Malaysia’s largest state of Sarawak, about 26km southwest of Kuching. It is a small town with a natural frontier of limestone mountains. It is primarily known for its Bidayuh Culture as the descendants of the Bidayuh Tribes reside here. Bau is packed with natural beauty from caves ...

3. Sibu

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Places to visit in Sarawak

Sibu is an island town and the capital of Sibu district in Malaysia’s largest state of Sarawak. It is located on the Island of Borneo. Known as the gateway to Batang Rejang, Sibu is a charming town with vibrant culture and a bustling waterfront. Sibu is also popular for offering some of the bes...

4. Bintulu

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Places to visit in Sarawak

Bintulu is a small coastal town located in the Bintulu district of Sarawak State of Borneo Island in Malaysia. Bintulu is well-known for its golden beach and the rare endemic Irrawaddy dolphins. It is also famed for the longest kite festival in Malaysia. The town also has the best ‘belacan’ shrimp s...

5. Miri

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Miri is the capital of Miri District and a coastal city in Sarawak State on the island of Borneo, Malaysia. The town is recognised as the birthplace for Malaysia’s petroleum industry as the first oil well was drilled in Miri in 1910. Miri is also a gateway to the world-famous UNESCO site of Gunung M...

6. Niah National Park

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Places to visit in Sarawak

Niah National Park, located in the Miri Division of Sarawak, encompasses of limestone caves and forms an archaeological site that attracts the interest of both history and nature lovers.

7. Batang Ai National Park

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Places to visit in Sarawak

Batang Ai National Park is a national park in Malaysia which can be accessed through the largest man-made lake Batang Ai. Orangutans (pongo pygmaeus) can be widely observed while on the treks offered or while staying in the longhouses or night camps.

8. Lambir Hills National Park

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Places to visit in Sarawak

Lying 32 km west to the city of Miri, on Miri- Bintulu Road Miri, is the lush green forest of Lambir Hills National Park. Occupying an area of 6952 hectares, it is the world’s most ecologically diverse area. Bukit Lambir with a height of 465 meters is the highest point in the park.

9. Gunung Mulu National Park

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Places to visit in Sarawak

Named after Mount Mulu, the second-highest peak in Sarawak, the Gunung Mulu National Park in is a spectacular national park located in the Mulu World Heritage Area. These rainforests took 60 million years to develop which is why it is one of the most prestigious natural sites in South East Asia and ...

10. Bako National Park

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Places to visit in Sarawak

Bako National Park is the oldest national park of Malaysia housing beaches, cliffs and rock formations. Covering an area of 27 square kilometers, it envelops the peninsula of Muara Tebas. The wildlife of the park is exceptional with long-tailed macaque monkeys, proboscis monkeys, squirrels and monit...

Best tourist destinations & places in Sarawak

11. Santubong

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Places to visit in Sarawak

Santubong is a town that sits under the peak of Mount Santubong in the state of Sarawak, Malaysia. It is famous for the huge expanse of sandy beaches. A visit to this town ensures the sight of Irrawaddy river dolphins. Lucky travellers may also spot Indo-pacific humpback or finless porpoises. Anothe...

12. Kubah National Park

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Places to visit in Sarawak

Kubah National Park is located 20 km from Kuching at the scenic backdrop of Matang Range. The park covering an area of 2230 hectares is situated on a plateau and offers to its visitors clear water and streams with cascading waterfalls and bathing pools. Even though the park beholds a myriad of fauna...

13. Gunung Gading National Park

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Places to visit in Sarawak

Often referred to as the ‘Home of the elusive Giant Flower’, Gunung Gading National Park is located near the town of Lundu in Kuching Division of Sarawak, Malaysia. The park is considered as the best place in Asia to witness the rare Rafflesia plant which produces the world's largest flower. This pa...

14. Talang Satang National Park

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Places to visit in Sarawak

Talang Satang National Park is the first Marine National Park of Malaysia. The area covered under the park is home to an array of marine life including the endangered Green and Hawksbill Turtle. Talang Satang is the first site in the world to emphasise turtle research and management. The park also h...

15. Similajau National Park

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Places to visit in Sarawak

Similajau National Park is located in South China Sea in Bintulu Division of Sarawak, Malaysia. The prime attraction of the park are the salt-water crocodiles which are the world’s largest crocodiles. It is known for its rich diverse biodiversity with beaches, rocky beds and rainforest.