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"Pearl of the South China Sea"

Labuan Tourism

Located off-coast of Sabah, East Malaysia, Labuan is a duty free island and federal territory of Malaysia. The main island of Labuan and six other small islands together make up the Federal Territory of Labuan. These six smaller islands are Daat Island, Papan Island, Burung Island, Kuraman Island (alternatively called Keraman Island), Big Rusukan Island, and Small Rusukan Island. This Pearl Of Borneo, which is known for oil and gas, is also very popular for snorkeling and diving deep but remains to be one of the lesser-explored parts of Malaysia.

A duty-free shopping haven for shopaholics, people often purchse chocolates, cigarettes, alcohol, silk, stuffed turtles, leather bags, souvenirs and a lot more at cheap discounted prices in Labuan. Given the importance of its strategic location during World War 2, it comes as no surprise that this island has an interesting past. 

Labuan has the world’s largest war grave that pays its respect to fallen soldiers of world war 2 in the form of the Labuan War Cemetery. The island is popular for its extravagance which lets you dive deep and witness four iconic shipwrecks namely the Cement wreck, the American wreck, the Australian wreck, and the Blue Water wreck. A few other memorials that give an essence of its past include the Royal Navy coaling station, the Chimney Museum, Peace Park, and the Labuan Maritime Museum. 

Another very famous attraction in Labuan are its water villages. Labuan has two water villages, Kampung Bebuloh and Kampung Patau-Patau. The houses in these water villages are built with high stilts and only woods, with wooden walkways that connect every house. These villages also have seafood restaurants and the residents are warm enough to offer you delicious local food as well. 

Activities like snorkeling at Big Rusukan Island (Pulau Rusukan Besar), watching birds at a hand's distance at the Labuan Bird Park, catching the hues of yellow, red, and orange during sunsets at Pulau Papan Island, and a laid back lifestyle makes Labuan truly worth a visit!

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Labuan Highlights

1. Beaches in Labuan

Beaches in Labuan
Located on the outskirts of Labuan town, the main Tanjung Batu Beach is a popular attraction amongst the locals in the Southern part of the island. The other beaches on the western coast or other area (Read More)s are lesser known and an ideal getaway from crowded areas. None of the places are overcrowded and have crystal clear waters with spotless sandy beaches. The beautiful beaches offer breathtaking views and of the North Borneo shoreline and calm sunsets. Therer are also a few food stalls dotted around the beach, serving local food.  

2. Labuan Marine Museum

Labuan Marine Museum
Primarily emphasising on marine life, the interesting Labuan Marine Museum is located next to the Ramsey Point in town and it aims to educate visitors about life underwater. It showcases a variety of (Read More)marine exhibits describing the historical importance of the natural heritage. The beautiful aquariums have a number of tropical fishes and corals along with an enormous whale skeleton outside to study the structure of whales.

3. Labuan Museum

Labuan Museum
The small intriguing museum located in central Labuan, was established to display the rich cultural background and heritage of the Labuan locals from the 15th century. A very informative place with de (Read More)tails presented in a concise manner, this interesting museum describes the struggle of people to uphold their virtues under Brunei, Japanese and British rule. It exhibits a collection of artefacts from WWII era, possessions, ornaments, firearms, musical instruments, etc. from over the centuries. It is a few minutes walk from the island’s ferry terminal. 

4. Water Village

Water Village
The Patau Patau Water Village situated on the outskirts of the town. The village is basically a well-designed network of beautifully structured houses along with some inter-connected paths bordered wi (Read More)th pot plants, built on stilts over shallow blue waters at the Labuan Harbour. The locals are friendly and the houses are pristine decorated finely with green plants and shrubs providing a lovely insight into the Malaysian culture and tradition.

5. Labuan Botanical Garden

Labuan Botanical Garden
Labuan Botanical Garden is located close to the old airport of the island and was formerly known as the Government House. The recreational park has some fantastic lush green landscapes and scenic (Read More) old trees. The botanical garden maintains a herbal garden with a variety of herbs and spices along with a beautiful hibiscus garden displaying a large collection of species. These gardens have an artificial lake with an overhead bridge and pathways along with historical remains like storage tanks and graveyards from the WWII era.

6. Labuan Bird Park

Labuan Bird Park
Also known as Taman Burung Labuan, the Labuan Bird Park is a well-maintained bird sanctuary located at the extreme north of the island. The park is a scenic area with green tropical rainforests and a (Read More)diverse flora and fauna. It boasts of three magnificent domes that are inter-connected by tunnels allowing birds like peacock, hornbills, etc. to move about freely in their natural habitat and for visitors to admire. The bird park houses a building within its premises that is a museum. 

7. Chimney Museum

Chimney Museum
Located at the northernmost tip of Labuan island, the Chimney Museum is dedicated to the coal mining history and its practices under the British Empire. Built in the 19th century, this brick building (Read More)has an extensive display of coal mining artifacts and samples along with a detailed explanation of the coal mining procedures. The place also has an information centre and discovery room to learn about the coal mining pursuits in the country.

8. Labuan War Cemetery

Labuan War Cemetery
Located at the Jalan Tanjung Batu, about 10 mins away from the main town, Labuan World War II Memorial serves as a respectful remembrance of many unknown Australian, Indian, Malaysian and British sold (Read More)iers that lost their lives defending the island against Japanese invasion. A calm, peaceful and well-maintained area with numerous graves, it also happens to be Malaysia’s largest war graveyard. 

9. Peace Park

Peace Park
The Peace Park is located on the western coast at the Layang Layangan beach, about 8km from the town of Labuan. Built as a World War II memorial in 1972, the park has a magnificent mound with an inscr (Read More)iption about peace, surrounded by high arched walls. The park has immaculately maintained gardens and trees along with some lakes, ponds and bridges. The place offers some clean toilet amenities if required. 

10. Surrender Point

Surrender Point
Located at the west coast of the Labuan island next to the Peace Park, the surrender point has a historical significance as the Japanese army completely surrendered themselves to the allied forces in (Read More)1945. It was constructed by the government to acknowledge the importance of World peace and to honour the lives lost in World War II.

11. Shopping on Labuan Island

Shopping on Labuan Island
Known for its duty-free shopping status, Labuan island has become a destination to shop for a variety of items especially alcohol, cigarettes and chocolates because of its high availability and inexpe (Read More)nsive nature. Ujana Kewangan happens to be the only shopping mall on the island with a few supermarkets, fast food chains, retail shops and a departmental store.

12. Scuba Diving on Labuan Island

Scuba Diving on Labuan Island
Labuan island has become a popular attraction for divers and snorkelers due to its crystal clear waters that provide great range and visibility along with some beautiful coral reefs, tropical fishes a (Read More)nd an extensive marine life. The island widely boasts four diving hotspots that are Blue Water Wreck, American Wreck, Cement Wreck and Australian Wreck. On rent diving gear is available at any of the common places close to the diving areas.

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Labuan Marine Museum
Labuan Museum
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