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Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

Negeri Sembilan is a state located on the west coast of Malaysia. Negeri Sembilan literally means nine states and is used to refer to the nine villages that were a part of Negeri Sembilan when Minangkabau settled in Malaysia. The state is famous for its rich culture and beaches. The buffalo horned houses are a unique architectural feature of Negeri Sembilan. The capital city of Seremban is known for its rich Minangkabau culture and food. Among other popular cities are Kuala Pilah and Port Dickson.

The rich culture and history of Negeri Sembilan can be witnessed at the Negeri Sembilan Museum and Crafts Complex in Seremban which has the State Museum, Teratak Perpatih and Rumah Negeri Sembilan. The museums have royal artefacts and ammunitions and also lay the chronological history of Negeri Sembilan. Teratak Perpatih is a prominent house with buffalo horned roof.

One of the renown coastal cities of Port Dickson is worth visiting in Negeri Sembilan. It is referred to as PD by the locals and is famous for Teluk Kemang, Blue Lagoon and Pantai Cahaya Negeri and Pantai Cahaya Negeri. Among other places are Army Museum which has a subterranean tunnel and several historical exhibits and Lukut Fort and Museum. Mount Datuk is also located in the state of Negeri Sembilan and is home to a great variety of flora and fauna. Gunung Angsi is another famous attraction for hikers. Jeram Toi, located near Gunung Telapak Buruk is another very popular spot.

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Culture of Negeri Sembilan

Being a multiethnic region, several languages and dialects of Malay are spoken in Negeri Sembilan. Baso Nogoghi is the language spoken by the natives. The language they use is referred to as Negeri Sembilan Malay and has more common relatedness to the Malay varieties of Sumatra.
Negeri Sembilan has Adat Patitih, a unique matrilineal system of inheritance which came with the Minangkabau immigrants who settled in Negeri Sembilan. Though the property is passed down to daughters, their culture is also patriarchal, in the sense that the religious and political affairs are governed by the males. 
Another striking feature of Negeri Sembilan is that they have elective monarchy where chieftains elect the chiefs and the council of hereditary ruling chiefs in turn select the monarch. Though the society follows matriliny along with patriarchy, the Royal Families follow patriliny and patriarchy. 
Negeri Sembilan is also famed for its dance forms. Traian Lilin which is a candle dance is a ubique dance form here inspired by the Indonesian Culture. Tarian Randai, Tarian Piring and Rentak Kuda are also among popular performances. You can experience these at cultural events, festivals and even at dinner performance shows at Negeri Sembilan.

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