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Famous & Local Food of Jammu and Kashmir

Kashmir's cuisine has two distinct dimensions that come from two separate food cultures followed here. One is the food of the Kashmiri Pandits, which is cooked without onion or garlic and is mainly vegetarian. The other one is the food popular in Muslim households and an extension of which is another Kashmiri cuisine which fosters slight Tibet and other foreign influences.

Kashmiri Pulao, Kashmiri gravy, Momos and preparations of mutton, chicken are quite famous across the country. More than 30 preparations of mutton are eaten in the Kashmir valley, and that makes it the most common ingredient here. Wazwan, a multi-course Kashmiri meal is held high in regards to the Kashmiri culture and includes 36 courses out of which 15 to 30 can be meat items. Different forms of drinking tea constitute another influential culture in Jammu & Kashmir making it the most used beverage after water. Kashmiris are also very fond of desserts, and a lot of Kashmiri dishes are also slightly sweet, notably the Pulao and gravies. Kaah'wa is one of a kind Kashmiri tea prepared with spices that make it impossible to resist.

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Jammu and Kashmir
Jammu and Kashmir
Jammu and Kashmir
Jammu and Kashmir

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