Historical Places in Jammu and Kashmir For Himalayan History Buffs

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Historical Places in Jammu and Kashmir

Historical places in Jammu and Kashmir date back to the year 2900 BC when it was founded by Raja Jambulochan. It has found several mentions in Indian epics like the Mahabharata. Years later, in Akhno (Read More)or, the excavations revealed evidence of the state being a part of the Harappan civilization. Evidence from the Maurya and Gupta period have also been found here. Jammu- Kashmir has seen the rule of multiple rulers in succession majorly dominated by the Hephthalites, Kushano- Hephthalites followed by the Shahi dynasty then Ghaznavids, Timur, Mughals and Sikh before the final submission to the British rule.

Here is the list of 8 Historical Places in Jammu and Kashmir For Himalayan History Buffs

1. Leh Palace, Ladakh

Leh Palace, Ladakh
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The Leh Palace, also known as 'Lhachen Palkhar' is one of the most historic places in Jammu Kashmir and is located in the breathtakingly beautiful Kashmir, in the town of Leh in India. This grand structure was built in the 17th century by King Sengge Namgyal as a royal palace, and the King and his family were the former residents of the majestic mansion. The Leh Palace is also one of the tallest buildings of its time with nine stories in all, and offers marvellous panoramic views of the entire town of Leh, as well as of the Stok Kangri and Zanskar mountains of the mighty Himalayan ranges, thereby giving the palace a strategic position.

2. Bahu Fort, Jammu

Bahu Fort, Jammu
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Jammu city is referred to as the Gateway to Heaven, and the impeccable beauty and magnificence of the Bahu Fort surely stand to be a significant contributing factor. Located only 5 km from the central part of the city, the Bahu Fort is a historical place in Jammu Kashmir which stands tall and sturdy on the left bank of the Tawi River. Raja Bahucholan constructed this magnificent fort over 3000 years ago, making it one of the oldest monument in the city. The Dogra rulers then made some restorations and renovations to the fort and extended its reach. 

3. Stok Palace, Ladakh

Stok Palace, Ladakh
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Located close to the Indus river, it was built in 1825 AD by King Tsespal Tondup Namgyal. Well known for its architecture and design, beautiful gardens and amazing views, the palace presents historic collection of royal attires, crown and other royal materials.

4. Dha Hanu, Ladakh

Dha Hanu, Ladakh
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The villages of Dha (also called as Dah), and Hanu are amongst the only few villages that are home to the Drogpa tribe of Leh. The tribe, which is different from the Ladakhi tribe found in the rest of the area are quite hospitable people. The Drogpa are culturally, racially and linguistically different from the rest and are said to be the only living descendants of the original Aryan (Indo European) race making them a historic race in Jammu Kashmir.

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5. Mubarak Mandi Palace, Jammu

Mubarak Mandi Palace, Jammu
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The architecture of the palace is an elaborate blend of Rajasthani, Mughal and European influences. One of its most spectacular segment, The Shesh Mahal or The Pink Hall houses the Dogra Art Museum which has several miniature paintings and Emperor Shah Jahan's golden bow and arrow, among other interesting things. The oldest building in this Palace complex date to 1824, has seen its own share of time and gathering specimens from all these ages, becoming one itself.

6. Dras war memorial, Kargil - Stunning historic place in Jammu Kashmir

Dras war memorial, Kargil - Stunning historic place in Jammu Kashmir
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A great place for the patriotic Indian inside you. Maintained by the Indian Army, the memorial depicts war photos, stories of soldiers and explains the difficulties Indian soldiers faced in the Kargil war, all topped with 100 feet high flagpoles.

7. Pari Mahal, Srinagar

Pari Mahal, Srinagar
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Pari Mahal is a mesmerizing historical place in Jammu Kashmir located above the beautiful Chashme Shahi Gardens near Srinagar. It is also called the abode of fairies or the home of angels with its six terraced gardens constructed on top of the Zabarwan Mountain Range. The gardens that surround the magnificent structure of Pari Mahal are exceptionally well maintained and are a treat for sore eyes. Nature lovers are sure to find this attraction fascinating. 

8. Panamik village, Nubra Valley, Ladakh

Panamik village, Nubra Valley, Ladakh
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Located at a distance of about 140 Km from Leh, the capital of Ladakh and at the height of 3183 meters above sea level is the northern most part where the foreigners are allowed.

Which of these historical places in Jammu and Kashmir has caught your attention? Let us know in the comments below!

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