Places To Visit In Salem

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Places To Visit In Salem

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1. Oothumalai Hill

Oothumalai Hill

1 out of 10
places to visit in Salem

The Oothumalai Hill consists of a cluster of Hindu temples. It is famous for its calm, peaceful atmosphere. The various temples on this hill amplify the religious significance of this tourist attraction. Oothumalai Hill is known to attract devotees and tourists in large numbers.

2. Government Museum

Government Museum

2 out of 10
places to visit in Salem

The Government Museum of Salem is home to several archaeological artefacts and historical objects, belonging to the same region. It is an old museum and is situated just two kilometres from the city centre. It is also equipped with a library and occasionally organises lectures and events. Tour guides can help to organise School visits for children.

3. Paravasa Ulagam

Paravasa Ulagam

103 km
from city center
3 out of 10
places to visit in Salem

Paravasa Ulagam is a water theme park that is located on National Highway No. 7, at a distance of 16 km from Salem. It is nestled amid a cold, hilly region surrounded by lush green trees on all sides. Paravasa Ulagam offers a wide range of activities like water games, video games, wave pool, go-karting, science park and waterfalls, curating an exciting water adventure for all its visitors.

4. Kurumbapatti Zoological Park

Kurumbapatti Zoological Park

4 out of 10
places to visit in Salem

The Kurumbapatti Zoological Park is filled with different species of animals but is more famous for its varied bird species like the white peacock and multicoloured cranes. There are new animals constantly being added to this enclosure. The Kurumbapatti Zoological Park is spread over 11.5 hectares of reserve forest land, and it is located at the foot of the Shervaroyan Hills of the Eastern Ghats.

5. 1008 Lingam Temple

1008 Lingam Temple

5 out of 10
places to visit in Salem

Located in Ariyanoor, about 14 km away from Salem, 1008 Lingam is one of the most famous temples of the city. Devoted to Lord Shiva, the temple has 1008 Lingams placed in a way which 1007 Lingams surround the main one. The 1008th Lingam is the one with the statue of Nandi (a holy cow) placed in the front. The temple was constructed in 2010 and is managed by a private department under the Vinayaka Mission.

6. Kalangi Siddhar Temple

Kalangi Siddhar Temple

6 out of 10
places to visit in Salem

The Kalangi Siddhar Temple of Salem is one of the 18 Tamil Siddha temples. It is well-known for the medicinal herbs that are believed to cure a wide array of ailments. Pilgrims visit the temple regularly to attend the various pujas and also to take a dip in the holy streams surrounding it. There are several perennial wells, small reservoirs and tiny waterfalls present around the Kalangi Siddhar temple. The water that flows from these places is believed to have curative powers.

7. Kalipatti Kandaswamy Temple

Kalipatti Kandaswamy Temple

7 out of 10
places to visit in Salem

The Kandaswamy Temple, which is also known as Kalipatti, is a Murugan temple. It is one of the richest temples in the Salem district. The temple was built in the 18th century and is devoted to Lord Murugan. The Pazhani Kavundar founded the Kalipatti Kandaswamy Temple. It was built in the 18th century by Katteri Lakshmana Kavundar. ‘Karun Sambal’ is derived from a snake’s poison and is used as an antidote to treat the devotees that visit the temple. The Kandaswamy temple is decorated with chariots that are known as Chithra Ther and Vinayaka Ther. In the event of festivals, the chariots are pulled around the temple. During the Thaipusam Festival in January, a cattle fair is held at the temple. This is considered the most significant cattle fair in the country.

8. Mookaneri Lake

Mookaneri Lake

8 out of 10
places to visit in Salem

The picturesque Mookaneri lake is spread over 58 acres. It is a significant water body in Salem City and also a popular tourist attraction. The Lake boasts of facilities like a park and seating arrangements which have boosted its spot as a tourist attraction. The Mookaneri Lake was initially a 39-acre water body by the Public Works Department. It was resurrected in 2010 by the Salem Citizens Forum using 87 lakhs under the public initiative.

9. Jama Masjid

Jama Masjid

9 out of 10
places to visit in Salem

The historic Jama Masjid stands tall in the heart of Salem. It is the oldest mosque in Salem. The 135 feet tall minaret is located on 1.5 acres of land. It is believed to be one of the tallest structures built in South India during its time. The Mysore ruler, Tipu Sultan, is supposed to have built it. Despite the rich cultural history and astounding architecture, Jama Masjid emanates a peaceful and calm vibe into its vicinity.

10. Kottai Mariamman Temple

Kottai Mariamman Temple

10 out of 10
places to visit in Salem

The Kottai Mariamman Temple is located on the banks of river Tirumanimutthar. It is regarded as one of the oldest pilgrimage centres of the city of Salem. The presiding deity at this temple is Goddess Kottai Mariamman. Pilgrims travel from near and distant places to seek blessings at this temple and to soak up the calm and quietness.