Alleppey to Wayanad

   Alleppey to Wayanad Road Distance 305 km
   Alleppey to Wayanad Aerial Distance 254 km
  Alleppey to Wayanad Travel Time 7 hours 52 mins

How to reach Wayanad from Alleppey

The total distance between Alleppey and Wayanad is around 305 kms that can be traversed in a number of ways. Since there is no airport either in Alleppey or un Wayanad, it is not considered ideal to take a flight even from the neighbouring airports. But you can take a train or a bus or choose to travel in a combination of both of these. Alternatively, you can book a cab or hire a private taxi for ease of convenience and comfort. Or you can also drive down on your own if you are looking for a little adventure and thrill. Given below is a detailed account of travel mediums from Alleppey to Wayanad. Have a look!

Knowing The Details

1. Alleppey to Wayanad in Train and Bus
2. Alleppey to Wayanad in Bus
3. Alleppey to Wayanad in Car
4. Popular Routes to Wayanad
5. Popular Routes from Alleppey
6. Places to Visit in Wayanad
7. Hotels in Wayanad

1. Alleppey to Wayanad in Train and Bus

Alleppey Railway Sattion

One way to travel from Alleppey to Wayanad is by a combination of a train and a bus. Since there is no railway station in Wayanad, you can take a train from Alleppey to Kozhikode to cover a distance of 233 kms. There are several trains that run between the two cities. Some of them include Jan Shatabdi, Maveli Exp, Ernad Exp, Netravathi Exp, Cannanore Exp and more.
Starting Ticket Fares: INR 165
Approx. Time Taken: 5 hours to 7 hours
Once you reach Kozhikode then Wayanad is just 85 kms away. You can book a cab or take a bus from Kozhikode to reach Wayanad.
Starting Ticket Fares: INR 71
Approx. Time Taken: 2 hours to 4 hours

2. Alleppey to Wayanad in Bus

Alleppey Bus Stand

One of the easiest ways to travel from Alleppey to Wayanad is in a bus. There are several direct buses that run between the two cities. You can choose between sleeper, semi- sleeper, AC, non- AC and ordinary etc. These buses run between Alleppey and Kalpetta. Kalpetta is just 13 kms that can be covered in a cab or local transport options. Have a look at the bus details from Alleppey to Kalpetta.
Starting Ticket Fares: INR 630
Approx. Time Taken: 7 hours to 8 hours

3. Alleppey to Wayanad in Car

Road to Wayanad

Another option is to drive down from Alleppey to Wayanad on your own since the distance is not a lot. Or you can hire a private taxi or book a cab for ease of comfort and convenience. The roads are blessed with lush greenery and beautiful scenic views to help make your road trip a little more memorable. The total journey can be completed in around 7 to 8 hours. The cab fares for the same start from INR 3000 and go up depending on the time schedule and the type of vehicle you choose to travel in.

Popular Routes to Wayanad

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Chennai to Wayanad 10 hours 43 mins 612 km
Bangalore to Wayanad 5 hours 50 mins 275 km
Kozhikode to Wayanad 2 hours 23 mins 84.8 km
Hyderabad to Wayanad 13 hours 30 mins 849 km
Mumbai to Wayanad 18 hours 29 mins 1,170 km
Ernakulam to Wayanad 6 hours 43 mins 252 km

Popular Routes from Alleppey

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Alleppey to Munnar 4 hours 35 mins 176 km
Alleppey to Chennai 12 hours 39 mins 740 km
Alleppey to Coimbatore 5 hours 14 mins 236 km
Alleppey to Bangalore 10 hours 23 mins 594 km
Alleppey to Wayanad 7 hours 52 mins 305 km
Alleppey to Kanyakumari 6 hours 5 mins 236 km