Chembra Peak

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Label : Must Visit

Tags : Hills & Valleys

Timings : Day time

Time Required : 3-4 hrs

Entry Fee : INR 50

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Chembra Peak, Wayanad Overview

Located close to Meppady and just 8 km south of Kalpetta, stands the highest peak of the Wayanad Hill Range- the Chembra Peak at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level. The Chembra peak offers a panoramic view of not only the entire Wayanad district but also a large chunk of Kozhikode, Malappuram and Niligiri districts. The peak, its surrounding lush greenery and the famed heart-shaped lake make it a paradise for travellers to explore.

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Things to do at Chembra Peak

The peak is famous among trekkers for providing an excellent one-day trekking experience which takes about three hours. On one's way to the peak, they are confronted with another gift of nature in the form of a heart-shaped Lake which is believed to have never dried up and is a major tourist attraction here. The peak can be reached by foot from Meppady. The view of the Banasura Sagar Dam is also mesmerising. The large dam stands out in the green blanket and appears to be a shiny silver metal disk sitting between the trees. The treks are organised by the 'Chempra Peak VSS' which under the South Wayanad Forest Development Agency. The District Tourism Promotion Council provides equipment and guides on hire. The charges for a group of 10 people (Indians) are INR 500 and for foreigners, it is INR 1000

Chembra Peak Trek

The trek to Chembra Peak is regarded as the best trek the entire state of Kerala has to offer, and the offer is undoubtedly a great one. The District Tourism Promotion Council in conjunction with the South Wayanad Forest Development Agency has made necessary provisions to arrange for trekking to the enthralling peak.

The foothill of the Chembra peak is surrounded by an extensive landscape of tea estates, and this is where the trek's starting point is. The climb continues for 1 km after which you arrive at a watchtower that gives you a preview of the Chembra peak and its surroundings. Another 2 km into the trek, you arrive at the heart-shaped lake- Hridayathadakam Lake. You can spend some time by this lake and enjoy the refreshing water. As you continue the trek from the lake, you will finally arrive at the Chembra Peak after the last 1 km. So all in all, it is a 4.5 km long climb each side and will take you between 3 and 4 hours each way.

The difficulty level of the trek is moderate up till the second stage, which is up till the heart shaped lake. After this point till the peak, the difficulty is slightly higher because the trek becomes steeper.

As you make your way through the forest, nature playfully blows gentle winds to revitalise and refresh you. The crackling of dry leaves under each footstep, the narrow shafts of sunlight making way through the thick branches, the playful chirping of birds and the faint sounds of beetles in the background will make you fall in love with the glorious nature all over again. Wading through the dense forests of Wayanad Hill Range and finding oneself in the midst of a pure and untouched environment is an experience of a lifetime.

Permit for Chembra Peak Trek

You will have to take prior permission from the forest office in Meppadi before trekking to Chembra Peak. You can appoint agents online who will help you with this or ask for your hotel's assistance. Once you acquire permission, you will be given a pass that allows you to enter the designated forest area.

Best Time To Visit Chembra Peak

Best time to trek to Chembra Peak is between September and March. Since this period is just after monsoon ends, the forest will be dense and lush green, and the atmosphere will be cool and cloudy. During February and March, as summer settles in, the grass will be slowly turning brown and yellow, and trees may start to shed from the dryness. So, if you're looking for a trek where you are surrounded by greenery, consider going before February.

One is advised not to trek in the monsoon because the path will be very slippery and the weather won't be very cooperative.

Also, it is preferable to start the trek early in the morning. Experiencing the morning freshness and the soft sunshine is an experience you will cherish forever.

Stay Near Chembra Peak

Kalpetta located at a convenient distance of 8 km is the best option for accommodation. It is the district headquarters and a major tourist center itself with accommodation options for all budget sizes.

Sightseeing Around Chembra Peak

As you trek your way up to the Chembra Peak, do not miss the Heart Shaped Lake or Cupid Lake, which is an absolutely amazing sight to behold.

Restaurants Near Chembra Peak

Try out the Kerala Parotta, Manchow soup and Ceylon Parotta at Cinnamon Restaurant in Kalpetta just 10 km from Chembra Peak.

Sample Itinerary For Chembra Peak

Chembra peak is a perfect extension to your Bangalore or Wayanad trip. Head to Kalpetta after these, and maybe spend a day here and follow it with a trek to the Chembra Peak.

Tips For Visiting Chembra Peak

1. Carry adequate supplies of water, packed lunch, extra clothing in case of emergency.
2. Insist on getting a guide at the forest office.

How to reach Chembra Peak

  • Air: Karipur International Airport is the nearest airport which is 92 km away and well connected by State transport buss and cabs.

  • Rail: Nearest railheads is at Kozhikode which is 79 km from Chembra Peak Base Camp. Again State Buses and cabs are the best way to reach Chembra Peak Base camp.

  • Road: Get down at Kalpetta if coming from Bangalore or Kozhikode, from there take a bus or taxi till the Forrest Office which is the base of the trek.

Chembra Peak Reviews

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Lohith Kankanawad

on Chembra Peak 5 years ago
Chembra Peak is one of the good destination for photographers ,road to peak is one hell.Not at all preferred for bikers .And worst part is its timings neither you can see sunrise nor sunset.You can e (Read More)njoy the walk through plantations to reach out peak point..

Rafi Pasha

on Chembra Peak 5 years ago
how many Kms we have to walk please help.