This Heart Shaped Lake in Kerala is Definitely Here to Steal Your Hearts!

Surrounded by breathtaking views of the Nilgiri Hills and Kozhikode, Chembra Peak is the highest mountain peak in Wayanad. Covered with a layer of lush green vegetation at an elevation of 2,100 metres from the sea level, the place is an ideal tourist attraction if you are looking for an adventurous nature trip. 

All The Way Up

Organised by the State Forest Department, the Chembra Lake trek begins close to the base of the Chembra Hill, taking you to the top through its large tea plantations of the hill. Unlike any other hill, there are no roads leading to the hilltop. While you are busy admiring the views of the hill, just wait until you reach the top to witness its famous heart-shaped Chembra Lake! 

Highlights of Chembra Lake

Chembra Lake, Wayanad
Chembra Lake, Wayanad
Also known as the Hridayathadakam Lake, Chembra Lake may be the most beautiful lake you had ever witnessed. With clouds touching the periphery and a slight dip in the temperature amidst the marvellous views of Wayanad is a spectacular image to paint and all the more endearing in person. 

Interesting Beliefs  

There are many fascinating facts associated with Chembra Lake. For instance, it is locally believed that Chembra Lake has never dried up since eternity. Further, Sita, wife of Lord Ram is believed to have rested near the Chembra Lake as per the myths prominent in the region. While trekking to the Chembra Lake, you may hear even more similar stories from your trekking guide. 

Chembra Lake Trek

Treks for Chembra Lake is a moderate trek of around 3 kilometres, starting from the Forest Department base camp and completing at Chembra Lake. The trekking route has been decided to give the trekkers a top view of the Chembra Lake. For this, you will be first taken to the hilltop and later descend to the lake. 

Home to several local tribes, this lake is almost an hour's journey, and the entire trek is around 3.5 hours from the base camp. With prior permission from the State Forest Department, you may even camp on Chembra Hill and return to the base camp before sunset. 

Nearby Attractions

  • Banasura Sagar Dam
  • Banasura Hill
  • Karalad Lake
  • Soochipara Falls
  • Kalpetta
  • Spice Market
  • Pazhassi Raja Temple
  • Lakkidi View Point

How to Reach

Chembra Hill, Wayanad
Chembra Hill, Wayanad
To reach Chembra Hill via airways, you may book tickets for Calicut International Airport. Situated around 92 kilometres from Chembra Hill, it is the nearest airport. From the airport, you can rent a taxi or travel via the state roadways buses to reach the lake.

Kozhikode railway station is the nearest railway station to Chembra Hill, which lies around 79 kilometres from the base camp. From the railway station, you can hire a cab or take public transport.

Kalpetta beholds road connectivity with Bangalore, so if you are travelling via roadways, you need to reach Kalpetta first. From there, proceed to the Chembra Hill base camp, which is around 8 kilometres from the town.

Best Time to Visit Chembra Lake

August to May is the best time to visit Chembra Lake since the weather is moderate and not cold nor hot during these months.


  • Make sure to obtain your trekking permit from the State Forest Department before leaving for Chembra Lake trek
  • Avoid roaming on Chembra Hill since the place comprises of dense forests, and there are chances of getting lost on the hill
  • Carry plenty of food and water supplies 
  • Avoid night camping on the hill 
  • Avoid going for the trek if you are having respiratory problems
Have you visited this heart-shaped lake before? Do you plan to head there soon? What are your memories with this lake and trek? Let us know in the comments below!

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