Kalpetta Tourism At A Glance

Kalpetta is a quaint town with a backdrop of majestic hills lurking in the shadows, lush green surroundings, fresh air and picturesque beauty. Housed in the Wayanad District of Kerala, at a height of 780 m above the sea level, Kalpetta is a perfect place for nature lovers as well as honeymooners.

The mild fragrance of coffee in the air from coffee plantations and rustic feel in the lanes of the town will refresh your tired mind. This town also helps devotees connect with spiritualism with the presence of plethora of ancient temples. Blessed with all the necessary elements of beauty, nature and charming romanticism, this sleepy town is a must on your Kerala itinerary.

Hotels in Kalpetta

Kalpetta is a place which offers a platter full of tourist attractions. This is the reason that the town has a well grown hotel industry. It offers all kind of accommodations from luxury hotels to budget and mid range accommodations. Almost all the hotels provide amazing views as well as a comfortable stay.

The main cuisine offered by the town of Kalpetta is Konkani. Sambhar and Rasam are the spicy curries served their which are must try. When it comes to eating out of your place of stay in the town, you will find plethora of restaurant and eating joints stacked in the area serving their local authentic cuisines.

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Commuting Within Kalpetta

Kalpetta is a small town where besides walking and hiking, you can also indulge in sports activities. However, to explore the various attractions of the town, the best option is to hire a taxi or a private vehicle for commuting. Other than that, make sure you travel the place during winters to enjoy the place to its best.

One Day Itinerary

Kalpetta is a perfect blend of peaceful getaway and hustle bustle of tourists. To begin you day at this beautiful place, be an early riser and enjoy the tranquility of the nature. Visit Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary which opens at 6:00 AM and then back to hotel for warm breakfast. Next you can visit the famous Jain Temple to offers your prayers. Banasura Sagar Dam, Meenmutty Falls, Wayanad Heritage center and Neelimala are the other major attractions in the town. Take good breaks in between and enjoy the delicious local authentic food. No matter which destination you cover and which you do not, this place will definitely calm and unwind your tired mind.

Reviews about Kalpetta

Carry a pair of sport shoes as wella s the trekking gear for there will be a lot of walking and hiking around.


Make sure you take proper precautions before indulging in any sports activity.


Carry light woolens for the trip is travelling during winters and also beware of troubling monkeys.


A clean greeny view, I see city like watching scenery in HD Television. Wonderful place for relaxing with family but I dnt compromise with climate. Planet green resort is excellent there