Alleppey to Munnar

   Alleppey to Munnar Road Distance 176 km
   Alleppey to Munnar Aerial Distance 99 km
  Alleppey to Munnar Travel Time 4 hours 35 mins

How to reach Munnar from Alleppey

The Preferred Way of Going from Alleppey to Munnar

The most preferred way of travelling from Alleppey to Munnar is by road. This can either be done by bus or by car.

Knowing The Details

1. Alleppey to Munnar by Bus
2. Alleppey to Munnar by Car
3. Popular Routes to Munnar
4. Popular Routes from Alleppey
5. Places to Visit in Munnar
6. Hotels in Munnar

1. Alleppey to Munnar by Bus

The total distance of 172 kilometers between Alleppey and Munnar can be easily covered in a bus in a matter of around 3- 6 hours, depending on the bus that you choose and the route taken by the bus. In fact, a lot of travelers prefer to travel to Munnar by bus, since they can enjoy the scenic views through the lovely ghats and mountains on their way.

The Kerala Urban Road Transport Corporation operates AC Volvo buses between the two places, and the buses pass through Cherthala, Vyttila Mobility Hub, Aluva, Kothamangalam and Adimali on their way before finally reaching Munnar after a 6-hour long journey. The time that is taken by the bus, however, can vary depending on the traffic and weather conditions.

You can easily get a bus from the Alleppey KSRTC bus station, and these buses will drop you off at KSRTC Depot Munnar, after which you can hire an auto or a cab to reach your final destination.
Available Bus Options

2. Alleppey to Munnar by Car

Traveling from Alleppey to Munnar can be really fun and adventurous if you choose to travel by cab, or alternatively, you can even drive to the destination on your own. The journey will only take you around 4-5 hours depending on the chosen route, and there are numerous local dhabas on the way that serve lip-smacking food.

You can choose from a variety of cabs, depending on the size of the group that you are traveling in, but cabs usually cost around INR 3000 at least. Numerous cab operators such as Keralbycab, Panicker Cabs, Southernseas Holidays, etc. offer outstation cab rentals at affordable prices, and you can choose the service provider that suits you the best. In fact, if you are carpooling or traveling in a group, then it is best to prefer traveling in a cab as compared to a bus; since the per person cost would come out to be the same, but a road journey would be much more comfortable.

The total cost of this journey depends on the vehicle type that you prefer. A Sedan would cost you around INR 4700, with prices for compact cars around INR 4300 and those for SUVs around INR 5600. A 12 seater Tempo Traveller would cost you around INR 9000 for this journey.
The Routes That Can Be Taken
1. Via SH40 and NH85

Total distance: 172 kilometers
Duration: 4 hours and 23 minutes

2. Via NH66 and NH85

Total distance: 178.1 kilometers
Duration: 4 hours and 17 minutes

3. Via NH85

Total distance: 168.9 kilometers
Duration: 4 hours and 31 minutes

Popular Routes to Munnar

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Chennai to Munnar 10 hours 4 mins 584 km
Bangalore to Munnar 8 hours 47 mins 476 km
Ernakulam to Munnar 3 hours 38 mins 129 km
Alleppey to Munnar 4 hours 35 mins 176 km
Hyderabad to Munnar 16 hours 42 mins 1,044 km
Delhi to Munnar 1 day 16 hours 2,641 km

Popular Routes from Alleppey

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Alleppey to Munnar 4 hours 35 mins 176 km
Alleppey to Chennai 12 hours 39 mins 740 km
Alleppey to Coimbatore 5 hours 14 mins 236 km
Alleppey to Bangalore 10 hours 23 mins 594 km
Alleppey to Wayanad 7 hours 52 mins 305 km
Alleppey to Kanyakumari 6 hours 5 mins 236 km