Wahiba Sands Restaurants

Food of Wahiba Sands

At Sharqiya sands, the food choices are all local items such as Harees (wheat mixed with meat), Kebabs and Machboos (rice with saffron and spicy meat). The local Omani beverage is Laban, which is salty buttermilk. Khawa is another favourite drink, which is made from coffee and cardamom powder.

Since Oman is a Muslim country, alcohol can only be bought by residents. However, some licensed hotels and restaurants do sell them. The drinking age in Oman is 21. You can drink alcohol at the Al Sharqiya Sands Hotel. They also offer local and international food.

Food for Indians in Wahiba Sands

Although there are not many choices for Indian food at the Sharqiya sands, there are various Indian restaurants in Muscat such as Saravana Bhavan, Khana Kazana, Anathapuri all of which are owned and run by Indians.

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Wahiba Sands
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