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Food of Sohar

Sohar offers a variety of international food as well as local delicacies. There are many popular Asian restaurants in Sohar. A few good local restaurants in Sohar are Fursan Al Yaman, Lobnan Al Akhdar and The Dhow Marina Restaurant.

The local food in Sohar is a mixture of Arabic, Lebanese, Turkish and Indian. Seafood is very common in cities in Oman as the country has a large coastline. A traditional Omani bread that is a must-have in Sohar is called Khubz. It is paper-thin and crispy, best eaten with any Omani food. A good vegetarian option in Sohar is the falafel.

Here is a detailed list of Omani Cuisines that you can try

Food for Indians in Sohar

Since there is a large population of Indians in Sohar and Oman, Indian food and restaurants are found easily. There are many famous Indian restaurants in Oman such as Chulha, Al-Khater Restaurant and Zaeem. They are all vegetarian-friendly and serve excellent Indian food.

Sohar Photos

Sohar, Oman
Entrance Gate of Sohar Town
Sohar Fort - Significant Fort in Al Batinah North Governorate
Well Maintained Sohar Municipal Park

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