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Food of Wadi Shab

With influences from Persia, India and North Africa, Omani food is very unique and delicious! A traditional Omani dish is Arsia, which is Lamb meat that is cooked with rice. Another dish is the Maqbous, which is rice with saffron that is cooked over red meat. For dessert, a very popular dish in Oman is the Halwa, which is a sticky sweet made of gelatin, fates and rosewater.

There are no restaurants in Wadi Shab. Sur is the closest place to find good eateries. It is located 58 kms or a 1.5-hour drive from Wadi Shab.  Some good restaurants in Sur that serve middle-eastern food are the Sahari Restaurant as well as the Bab Al Khair Restaurant. The Sur Sea Restaurant serves excellent sea food.

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Wadi Shab, Oman
Wadi Shab - Ideal for Day Trips
Splendid Wadi Lake Surrounded by Hills
Bimmah Sinkhole - Lake Filled with Turquoise Water

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