Food of Vung Tau

Vung Tau's cuisine is the epitome of a Southern-Vietnamese, rice-based cuisine. The exquisite flavours bust in your mouth and provide you with a sensory overload. Some of the dishes you absolutely cannot miss include ? Lau Ca Duoi (hot pot with stingray, some pickled bamboo, slices of chilies, vermicelli, rice cracker and a plate of herbs), Banh Khot Vung Tau (little round pancake made from mixed flour, curry powder, and filled with seafood such as shrimp and squid, and topped with green onion and shrimp powder), Banh Bong Lan Trung Muoi (sponge cake with salted egg yolk and cheese), banh Uot Chong Dia (thin rice pancakes with pork and/or chicken, pickles and sour mango to wrap with and fish sauce or fermented anchovy sauce to dip in). Vung Tau also has one of the best fresh seafood. Dishes such as boiled crab/shrimp, grilled octopus/squid/shrimp seasoned with dried satay chili and grilled oyster with or without cheese and BBQ amberjack fish seasoned with dried satay chilies or green onion and oil are an absolute savory delight.

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