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"The Industrial Hub of Vietnam"

Bien Hoa Tourism

Bien Hoa is a busy town on the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City in South Vietnam. Close to the cultural heart of Vietnam, Bien Hoa is connected to it by Vietnamese Highway 1. At present, it fosters eco-tourism through its national parks and reserves.

It is a huge industrial area that is expanding exponentially. Once under the onslaught of the Vietnam war as a US Airforce base, the city has risen like a phoenix and is now home to a flourishing manufacturing industry.

Bien Hoa can best be discovered by tours, day trips and excursions organised by local guides. There is a range of activities to keep you busy in Bien Hoa like swimming, boating and kayaking.

With amazing sightseeing, cultural background, historical significance, recreational outlets, and delectable delights - Bien Hoa makes for an interesting addition to your itinerary of Southern Vietnam.

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Places to Visit

Cat Tien National Park
Cat Tien National Park is a tropical forest with huge biodiversity, a variety of shrubs, botanical treasures and nature trails. Located at a distance of just 121 km from Bien Hoa, it is a fantastic escape for nature lovers. The park is especially famous for the conservation efforts that it undertakes for the preservation of the crocodile population.

Buu Phong Temple (Buu Long Mountain)
The Buddhist Buu Phong Temple was built in the 17th century on the Buu Long Mountain which is 2.49 miles away from Bien Hua. Its geographical location offers a panoramic view after 100 steps up the mountain climb. The inscribed gates, outer walls and spiritual Buddhist structures are just splendid.

Mango Garden Resort 
Mango Garden Resort is a zoo about 40 mins from Bien Hoa. Again, like any other zoo, it fosters a variety of flora and fauna (like deer, black bears, zebras, rhinoceroses, giraffes, lions, antelopes, and alligators etc). Since it is a lodge, you can enjoy evening entertainment along with swimming and good food.

Long Thanh Golf Club 
Long Thanh Golf Club is a perfect recreation place with 36 holes and amazing scenery. After playing, you can enjoy at the clubhouse, shop, stay in a luxury villa or eat something at the restaurant. Operational seven days a week but Sunday tea time is reserved for members only.

Dong Nai Culture and Natural Reserve
Dong Nai Culture and Natural Reserve is a plush paradise of all things green. It is a protected part of the Cat Tien National Park. It inhabits a myriad endangered species, plants and historic sites. It is highly recommended to take a boat tour in the reserve to watch the wandering animals and fleeting birds.

Dong Nai Museum 
The Dong Nai Museum is right in the centre of Bien Hoa, near the airbase. The museum has beautifully curated more than 20000 of rare items including archaeological works, statues, paintings, important documents, ancient weapons, pottery, and tools etc. It has 14 permanent exhibits and the rest are temporary.

Tini World Vincom Bien Hoa
Situated at Vincom Plaza on the fourth floor, TiniWorld is a recommended family getaway. Here both adults and children take part in activities and enhance their group dynamics like communication, teamwork etc. Kids have a lot of fun doing flash-mob dance show, magic show, ball pit, sandbox, and open movement zone.


After the first Indo-China war in 1946, Bien Hoa suffered through a painful period of an industrial, societal and economic slowdown. It became a base for American Airforce during the Vietnam war and is still suffering from the after-effects of Agent Orange - a biological warfare system used by the Americans against which united front is being put up by international welfare organisations. Yet with the passage of time, it has managed to attain the status of an economic superpower by collecting foreign investment globally. The city is now a thriving metropolis filled with possibilities and development.

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Bien Hoa Photos

Bien Hoa, Vietnam
Tan Lan Palace - Ancient Monument in Bien Hoa
Confucius Temple - Temple of Literature
Dong Nai Natural Reserve - Houses Many Endangered Species

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FAQs on Bien Hoa

Who should visit Bien hoa?

  • History Buffs
  • Leisure Travellers

What is the best time to visit Bien hoa?

The weather variation is very little in Bien Hoa. It remains hot all around the year. March, April and May being the warmest months at Bien Hoa. The best time to visit Bien Hoa is during the dry season. Here, the dry season starts from the month of December and ends in the beginning of April. To be exact, the end of December is the best time to visit Bien Hoa because of the pleasant weather and festive season (Christmas Day) and New Year celebrations that light up the entire town with colourful decorations and lights. 
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What is the local food in Bien hoa?

  • Whether it is roadside food or fine dining, Bien Hoa proudly serves great seafood like fish, prawns and shrimps in a gazillion ways. Pick your palette!
  • To every coffee lover’s delight, Bien Hoa is always brewing satisfying blends of coffee practically in every nook and corner of the city. Coffee is served hot or cold to your liking. It is common to have coffee with a shot of condensed milk.
  • Bien Hoa is known for its beer pubs. The brews are so fresh and amazing yet so easy on the pocket that you won’t stop at one.
  • Yes! Finding vegetarian food in Bien Hoa can be little painstaking. But now, there are vegetarian restaurants here too for serving you some great vegan food and a plethora of vegetarian yummies.
  • The shrimp hot pot is one of the local Vietnamese delicacies which is truly comforting and worth giving a shot.

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What are the places near Bien hoa?

The top places near to Bien hoa are Ho chi minh city which is 27 km from Bien hoa, Nha trang which is located 293 km from Bien hoa, Cat tien national park which is located 82 km from Bien hoa, Ben tre which is located 95 km from Bien hoa, My tho which is located 84 km from Bien hoa

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