Food of Vienna

Veinna being a cosmopolitan city and one of the most visited cities of Europe offers a variety of food and cuisines from all around the world. From Italian and French to English and Croatian food is served at various restaurants in the city. However, only problem one might face is the English menu which might not be available at all the places. Viennese restaurants usually serve a large portion of meals with a recent inclusion of vegetarian food at some places. Wiener schnitzel is one of the most popular delicacies of Vienna, which is basically deep-fried slice of veal with a lemon on top. Tafelspitz (dish prepared with beef) and Vanillekipferl (a must try pastry made up of flour, butter, egg yolk and sugar, with added vanilla) are other popular dishes of the city. Also coffee culture is quite a prominent culture in the city, so try out wide range of coffee preparations at various cafes scattered around the city such as Oberlaa, Aida, Cafe Sacher Wien and many more.

Food for Indians in Vienna

Vienna being a cosmopolitan city houses people of various ethnicities including Indians. One will find plenty of Indian restaurants in the city serving delicious Indian food from North Indian and South Indian to Indian desserts such as kulfi, mango lassi and gulab jamun. Curry Up, Delhi Delights, Demi Tass, Govinda, India Gate, Indus, Koh-i-noor, Niravana, Om are some of many Indian eating places in Vienna.

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