Food of Prague

Prague is an international city crowded by tourists in large number. A variety of food of various cuisines is served in the city. From finest Italian and French cuisine to Japanese, Russian, Korean, Thai, Greek, Scandinavian and Mexican, visitors will find a lot to satisfy their gastronomic taste buds. Despite the rising price tags, the food is quite affordable. The main cuisine of Prague is Czech cuisine in which lunch plays a significant role. Originally, authentic Czech food is based on grilled or roasted chicken and pork served with a starchy side dish like fries, potatoes or dumplings. Fruit dumplings (ovocné knedlÍky), crépes or ice creams are enjoyed by locals as well as tourists. Fast food is also quite common in Prague, especially around the crowded marketplaces, which includes Czech style hot dogs and mulled wine. Be careful while having food from street vendors or food stalls as it may result in food poisoning.

Food for Indians in Prague

Prague being a cosmopolitan city is home to people of various ethnicities and religion including Indians. Thus, one will easily find Indian restaurant dotted around serving delicious Indian food. However, options for pure vegetarians are limited but not completely absent. Govinda (pure vegetarian), Masala Indian Brothers, Indian Jewel, Travellerês Club, Himalaya Indian Restaurant, Gopal (strict Jain restaurant) are some of the major places serving Indian food. Other than that, one must try Lehka Hlava (offering vegetarian food such as tapas, soups, salads, pasta and daily specials), Loving Hut (Vietnamese, Thai and Western vegetarian cuisines) and Radost FX. There are also some famous vegetarian Czech specialities including Goulash, Rohlik, Kaloche, Sma_en_s_r and Trdelnik.¾

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