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"Resting place of the Orange Royals"

Delft Tourism

Delft is a cosy little town in South Holland, known best for its technological university and lively student culture. You'll be acquainted with the rich history of this side of Holland, and also the works from the Dutch Golden Age. Delft is an amazing place for a few days of recreation.

Delft might not be the most popular destination on your itinerary, but that's one of the reasons why it makes for such an amazing getaway. Its expansive and scenic canals, open markets, lively crowd and brilliant summer weather will make it a place you'll always remember. The Beestenmarkt will pull you back to it every day of your stay, thanks to its amazing atmosphere and options to eat and drink. Indeed, localites refer to it as the best meeting place in the city. Visit the two iconic churches, the Nieuwe Kerk and the Oude Kerk, built with superb architectural expertise and pleasing to the eye. Or if you're an art lover, looking into the life of one of the greatest Dutch Golden Age painter, Johannes Vermeer, will surely leave you mesmerized. The Vermeer Centrum offers unparalleled insight into the works of the artist, as well as his life and inspiration. Attractions aside, Delft is a superb place to shop. It has many fantastic shopping streets, and stores ranging from boutiques to full art galleries. Even the food in the city is of a wide variety, so your taste buds will never be disappointed during your trip. Delft is a warm little town, perfect for a few days of relaxation.

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Currency in Delft

Euro is the only currency accepted in Delft. Major cards are widely accepted, like Visa and MasterCard. American Express is accepted but in very few places. Also, credit cards are not accepted everywhere, since most of Netherlands prefers using debit cards. ATMs can be found easily as well.

Exchanging Money in Delft

It's fairly easy to exchange currency in Delft. The banks in and around the city centre offer currency exchange services. There are currency exchange booths as well like Travelex, and of course, ATMs provide a cheap and convenient method of changing currency.

Daily Budget for Delft

Delft is not going to be an expensive visit. The city is mostly a student city, so prices are decent. Daily expenditure per person can be in the region of Budget trip : EUR 40 - 50 Comfortable trip : EUR 80 - 120 Luxury trip : EUR 150 - 180

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Delft Customs

Netherlands in general is a very modern society, and Delft is no different. Given that it is home to young crowd from all over the world, dressing and etiquettes in Delft are fairly casual and friendly. Small tips are not necessary but given in Delft. EUR 1 - 2 for the porter and 10% of the bill at bars where service is provided is considered enough.

Language of Delft

English is widely spoken in Delft.

History of Delft

Starting out as a rural village back in the 11th century, Delft was recongised as a city for the first time through a charter in 1246. The town's rise to importance started first when William of Orange took up residence in the city, though by then the town had already grown into a significant territory. It became the capital of Netherlands after the Act of Abjuration declared the Dutch republic. A major event in the history of the city was the infamous Delft Thunderclap of 1654, when the gunpowder factory of the city exploded, completely destroying more than 200 houses and damaging another 300. Delft was built up from the ground once again and quickly became an important city. The Delft Technological University was set up in back in 1842, and today serves as one of only 3 such universities in Netherlands. Delft has largely remained a very important Dutch city throughout it's history.

Nightlife in Delft

Delft has a reputation of being a student town, so you can well imagine that the nightlife will be up to the mark. Head over to the old city centre area to find some atmospheric Dutch pubs, or the open air areas and terraces of the Beestenmarkt where people gather in crowds chilling with friends and sharing beers. The area has an array of wine shops and bars. Wijnhaven and Markt square are also very popular places where you will find a great collection of bars.

Shopping in Delft

Shopping in Delft is a joy. There is such a huge variety of shops on offer, from little souvenir stores to elaborate boutiques. In fact, Delft is among the best places in the country to shop. Lots of places near Markt square in the old city centre are very famous, like Oude Delft, Wijnhaven, Choorstrat and many others. Burgwal and Breestrat are also extremely popular shopping streets. As you explore the town more and more, you will discover that shopping in Delft never really stops!

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FAQs on Delft

What is the best time to visit Delft?

The temperatures are moderate and pleasant and the weather is warm and sunny, this is hands down the best time to visit Delft. The city is blooming with colours and energy, and this is the most ideal time to explore the various aspects of the city on foot. Temperatures range from 15 - 20 degrees celcius and you'll still need to pack warm clothes for the nights.
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What is the local food in Delft?

Delft has a very good collection of restaurants and joints, catering to the needs of all kinds of people. Cuisines can be found from all over, in restaurants of various types. Restaurants like the Kleyweg in Oude Delft and Visbanken in Camaretten are famous for their delicious sandwiches, with the former arguably having the best sandwiches in town! While in Delft, do remember to indulge in the lovely baked delights and chocolates. And of course, any place in Netherlands is incomplete without a great round of local beers. Explore Delft for the perfect restaurants for your palete.
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What are the things to do in Delft?

The top things to do in Delft are Nieuwe Kerk, Museum Het Prinsenhof, Oude Kerk, Vermeer Centrum, Delft City Hall (Stadhuis van Delft), Beestenmarkt. You can see all the places to visit in Delft here

What are the places near Delft?

The top places near to Delft are Rotterdam which is 12 km from Delft, The hague which is located 7 km from Delft, Amsterdam which is located 54 km from Delft, Eindhoven which is located 99 km from Delft, Utrecht which is located 58 km from Delft

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