Places To Visit in Austria

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Here are the top 2 tourist places in Austria

1. Vienna

4.2 /5

1 out of 2
Places to visit in Austria 47
Tourist attractions

One of the most gorgeous capitals of Europe, Vienna is a city packed with architectural wonders, buzzing with melodious music, and streets are lined with most astounding restaurants and cafes. While innovative museums preserve the rich past of the city, there is a remarkable blend of old and new, gi...

Best Time: May to October

2. Salzburg

4.3 /5

2 out of 2
Places to visit in Austria 28
Tourist attractions

This small, little storybook city will be an ideal holiday destiantion if you want to a break from the buzz of the city life, if you want nothing more than to stroll along the streets with the sorrounding countryside. From Mozart and The Sound of Music to ice caves, salt mines, churches and castles,...

Best Time: Throughout the year

FAQs on Austria

What is the currency of Austria?

Euro is the official currency of Austria and the only one that is accepted. The currency notes are available in denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, and 500. The main cities such as Vienna and Salzburg accept almost all the major credit cards such as American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, although they are not very widely used. The smaller hotels, however, prefer the bills paid in cash.

What is unique about culture of Austria?

Austria is a country with a significant history of music, arts and architecture, which has over the years, became a prominent part of its culture. With its streets buzzing with music and variety of architecture styles gracing their presence in the country, it has also become one of its major centres of attraction. 

At present, the majority of the population of Austria follow to Roman Catholic faith followed by the minority of Protestants.
German is the official language of the country with its various regional dialects being part of communication. These dialects mark a lot of distinction in their pronunciation from standard German language i.e. Hochdeutsch. There are also minorities speaking Croatian and Slovene in the Burgenland and southern Carinthia respectively. English is also widely spoken and understood in the country hence wonÕt be facing much problems there. Common words and phrases one should know before visiting the city are:

Please -  Bitte (pronounced as bitter)
Thank you - Danke (like anchor with a d in front)
Hello (formal) - Gr٤gott (groose-got)
Hello (informal) - Servus (sair-vuss)
Goodbye (formal) - Auf Wiedersehen (owf-vee-duh-zane)
Goodbye (informal) - TschŸss (chuce; Austrogerman) or Baba (bah-bah; Viennese) or Pfirte (p-fear-tay and leave no gap between the p and f; provinces) or Ciao (quite acceptable)

How is Austria divided into regions?

Nestled in Central Europe, Austria touches boundary with eight countries including Germany and the Czech Republic to the north, Switzerland and Liechtenstein to the west, Slovakia and Hungary to the east and Slovenia and Italy to the south. With The Alps covering the 3/4 of the country, Austria is adorned with an assortment of landscape spread across a comparatively small area of size. From lush meadows, softly rising and falling farmland and drop-dead gorgeous alpine valley to massive glaciers, forested foothills, river gorges, plains, vineyards and along with semi- desiccated steppes, the country will mesmerise its visitors with its irresistible beauty.
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