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Bavarian cuisine is characterized by its hearty and rustic nature. Traditionally made with wurst (sausage), knodel (potato or bread dumplings), different kinds of meat, bread and potatoes, Munich serves some of the best Bavarian. A typical local favourite is the Weissewurst (white sausage) served with sweet mustard and breze (pretzel), which is meant to be eaten only with hands! The wurst is served in various other forms, be it Currywurst, grilled or seved in salad. While the Bratwurst, Knockwurst, Riderwurst, Leberwurst are also widely served, the Weissewurst is the Munchners very own. Meat enthusiasts will also appreciate Schweinshaxe, pork knuckle roasted in beer; Kalbshax'n, roasted calf knuckle and the Leberk_se, which is a regional pate made from pork, beef, bacon, and onion and served with a Bavarian potato salad. One of the pure vegetarian treats is the beer soup, made with light beer, butter, lemon and seasoned with cumin and nutmeg. End on a sweet note with Apfelkiuchen, sliced sour apples dipped in rum and beer dough, served with ice cream. Pretzels are a popular favourite in itself, served plain or with butter. There are ofcourse several restaurants serving other international cuisine, be it French, Italian or Asian fare. A visit to any of the Biergartens is a must, even if you are visiting during the Oktoberfest. These are ideal places to unwind, while you sit in the shade of trees and sample the many kinds of Bavarian brews. Breweries here are known to not add preservatives to the beer because of the rapid consumption rates prevalent among the Munchners! Lest you have the taste, opt for the ein Helles, which is light beer and a tad bit less potent from its darker counterparts! These beer gardens let you carry your own

Food for Indians in Munich

Don't have the palate for the wursts? You needn''t worry! Munich has quite a few Indian restaurants in the likes of Garam Masala, Swagat, Radha, Royal India and some more. (Yes these exist in German land! ) Although Bavarian food is all about pork and beef, vegetarians will not have difficult time here, given Germany has more number of vegetarians as compared to its neighbours. However make sure you check with the staff before ordering, since most places have menu cards in German. There are few pure vegetarian restaurants as well. You can always grab a veggie sub or burger in Subway or Mcdonalds, with branches all over the city.

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