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Food in Tokyo, usually, is assumed to be sushi or California rolls, which is definitely not the case. Japanese cuisine has a variety of different flavours, with great emphasis on seafood. TokyoÍs food is mostly Japanese in origin, and mostly Japanese interpretations of French or European cuisine. Ramen is the most common food here, which is noodles boiled in vegetable broth, and rice and Japanese curry is another popular option. For the more adventurous, sashimi is a must-try- specially the raw sea-urchin, and the delectable selection of seafood that Japan has to offer. Other traditional items include yakitori (skewered grilled chicken with spices), tonkatsu(a crisp pork cutlet), taiyaki(a fish-shaped cake stuffed with sweet and savoury fillings) and tempura ( battered and deep-fried vegetables and seafood).As for beverages, Tokyo traditionally has sake (rice wine) and matcha tea. Matcha is a fine ground powder of processed green tea, which has many health benefits and is very popular among the Japanese. To the seasoned, discerning connoisseur,Tokyo is paradise, for it has the most Michelin stars, and for the wine enthusiasts, Tokyo has its own variant of rice wine, called sake. Tokyo has its own variety of cuisine which is as unique and versatile as the culture it possesses.

Food for Indians in Tokyo

For purely vegetarian food, one can head to Veggie Herb Saga,where there is a wide variety of Indian vegetarian food, including options for Jains. For Indian food with an interesting Japanese twist, visit GopinathaÍs, which provides a new, innovative menu for the adventurous.

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