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Tokyo is a city that embodies luxury, and its selection of hotels is no exception. This city is home to some of the most opulent hotels in the entire world, making it a well-liked vacation and busine (Read More)ss destination with something for everyone. Luxury hotels in Tokyo offer lavish suites with an elegant touch of traditional Japanese design, comfortable and spacious rooms, a spa, a gym, exquisite dining options, and a terrace bar. Pick from the following list of luxury hotels in Tokyo that'll make your stay unforgettable from start to finish.

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Best time for a staycation in Tokyo?

Tokyo is a land of climatic extremes, with scorching summers and cold, snowy winters with blizzards. Therefore the best time to visit Tokyo, unquestionably, is during the spring (March-May) when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom and autumn from October to November. The cherry blossoms, otherwise known as Sakura, are one of the biggest tourist attractions in Japan. Traditional Japanese festivals are held throughout the year, and the best ones are always held at the spring-to-summer juncture, which makes the spring ideal for a visit to Tokyo. Autumn is also an ideal time to visit Japan as the foliage is at its prime, and the scenery at the shrines is a sight to behold. Also, there is a crispness to the air in the autumn, so it is better to carry warm clothes. Summers (June - September) in Tokyo are peak tourist season, which brings with itself high lodging charges and unbearable humidity. Winters (December - February), on the other hand, are chilly but manageable but you won’t have the chance to witness the beauty of Tokyo at its full potential at this time. 
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