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Food of Osaka

Food is a large, indispensable part of OsakaÍs culture, and the concept of ?kuidaoreÍ or ?eat till you dropÍ is a belief all the locals hold dear. Most of Osaka is filled with small lit-up streets offering delectable Japanese cuisine, ranging from the largest okonomiyaki (savoury pancakes with vegetables, noodles and meat) in Japan, and takoyaki (skewered seafood) and Kushikatsu (deep fried food on skewers), udon (thick noodles served in a flavourful broth topped off with fried tofu), and the best teppanyaki (grilled meat on a hot metal plate, served right in front of the customer). There are sushi conveyor belts here as well, and the street food is vibrant, flavourful and economical. Also,the best bento shops are available here. Bento is a meal of rice, vegetables, meat, egg rolls and fruit packed into a metal box, and cut in certain beautiful designs. Any tourist must try the bento in Osaka to get the best Japanese food experience.The best place to eat food in Osaka is the Datonbori area, which is brightly lit and offers an assortment of cheap and tasty food. For the less adventurous, Osaka city station has many delectable restaurants.

Food for Indians in Osaka

For the best Indian food, Ashoka and Mithila restaurants are ideal, while vegetarian and Jain options are quite limited. However, there is an Indian vegan restaurant called Shama near Yotsubashi, which makes all kinds of Indian vegan food.

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