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"Manufacturing powerhouse to upcoming travelling attraction"

Nagoya Tourism

Nagoya is a city which was known in the past for its samurai and ninja culture but has fast evolved to become the hub of automobile and aircraft manufacturing in Japan. Slowly it is making its way onto the tourist map as well for those who want to get away from the city madness in Tokyo and enjoy a slightly off-beaten vacation in Japan.

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Nightlife in Nagoya

Nagoya has a thriving nightlife and bar culture. Most bars will be found around the Sakae shopping area and the railway station.Do try popular places like the Elephant's Nest, the Underground and Gary's. Karaoke bars are found aplenty in the city for those who wish to try their hand at being their own personal rockstar. Best Karaoke rooms include the jankara, the Joy Joy and the Louvre.

Shopping in Nagoya

Being a city center, Nagoya has a lot of malls and shopping districts. All major international brands can be found here. Some spots which shopping lovers cannot afford to miss are the Sakae underground mall, the Sakae Oasis 21 and the Osu Street & Kamimaezu. Nagoya is a haven for shoppers and Japan being a heavily advertisement driven country shows that.

Currency in Nagoya

Nagoya is a city that deals mostly in cash.Since people may not be very well-versed in English it is advisable to exchange currency and have adequate cash on you for your travel duration.

Exchanging Money in Nagoya

Money can be exchanged at the airport and major railway stations. Apart from that discount ticket shops called Kinken shops also have foreign exchange booths. Money exchange is not a problem in Japan.

Daily Budget for Nagoya

5500 JPY would be sufficent for eating and drinking at decent places while. 3500 JPY should take care of accidental costs and transportation too.

Religion of Nagoya

Shinto and Buddhism are the most popular religions of Nagoya.

Nagoya Customs

You will be expected to remove your shoes before you enter someone's house. The common way to greet someone is to bow as a symbol of respect for the person in front but shaking hands is also acceptable in business meetings.Hold objects with two hands when giving or receiving anything from somebody else and take care to observe table manners, specially handling and placing of chopsticks.

Language of Nagoya

Japanese is the main language spoken in Nagoya. English may be spoken by managers and employees of high-end hotels or people who work with MNCs. Carry a dictionary around or consider travelling with a local if possible and restaurants and local shops will hardly have any english instructions or directions on them.

History of Nagoya

Nagoya was more famous for its manufacturing of Toyota automoibles and car parts. It is an old city and the birthlplace of three major feudal lords of Japan. It is a city which has seen the Tokugawa period, heavy industrialization and even World War II scenarios. It is only after 2010 that it has seen a surge of tourists who are interested in more off-beat destinations apart from Tokyo and Osaka.

Restaurants and Local Food in Nagoya

Nagoya Meshi is the local cuisine of Nagoya. It mostly contains preparations of Meat, Chicken and seafood. Rice and ramen preparations are popular among the non-meat eaters but be wary of hidden non-vegetarian ingredients.
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How To Reach Nagoya

Nagoya is well connected by airways and ferries. Since it is on an island one can't reach here by railway or buses from places beyond the island itself.

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