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The local cuisine is an odd combination of different culinary cultures from around the world. While the Middle Eastern influence is the most prominent, there are elements of Polish cuisine as well. Israelis believe in a hearty breakfast You can try the Shakshuka, the traditional tomato and egg staple. Abulafia Bakery at Yefet street stands for the typical tastes of Tel Aviv. Since 1879 it has operated 24 hours a day, all through the week. If you want to get as close to old school Israeli cuisine as you can, this is where you need to head. From Sambusak, a dough noodle with feta cheese stuffing, a particular speciality of theirs, to bagels made of pita bread and stuffed with onions, eggs, paprika and hyssop, the little delights of Abulafia are all worth a try. While in Tel Aviv you cannot miss falafel,balls made of ground chickpeas served in pita with salads. Most of us have tried the shawarma by now, but for the most authentic flavour you got to try the ones sold here. And last but not the least, there is hummus, with each street cart or restaurant serving the all time favourite with qwerks of their own! Abu Hassan is a must. Home to immigrants from different origins, Tel Aviv has diversity to offer for your palate. Spicy Yemeni soups with Malawach (spices) and Hawayej (bread), Moroccan couscous, Lamb Tagine, Persian rice and kebabs. Is your mouth watering already? From the far east, there are Chinese, Japanese and Thai restaurants, and traditional Ethiopian restaurants introduced by the immigrants. Europe also makes its presence felt with numerous sophisticated French restaurants and cafes, while America is not far behind with the Burger Kings, Subways and McDonalds!

Food for Indians in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is not only veggie friendly, it is rathe regarded as the destination for the world's best vegetarian food! Not without good reason ofcourse, the city grows some of the freshest produce (check out Carmel Market) and with influences of Russia, Poland, Middle East and Iraq, even the most humble potato can be made into a delicacy. It is said, that a herbivore diet in Tel Aviv will in fact afford you the opportunity to sample the some of the city's very best. The no meat, no dairy Kosher restaurants are in plenty as well. While Caffe Kaymak, Nanuchka, Tenat and Cafe Anastasia are pure vegan restaurants there are several vegetarian friendly establishments as well. Salam Bombey, run by an Indian couple from Mumbai, Maharaja Restaurant,The Chakra's and 24 rupee, all serve Indian fare.

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