Food of Aqaba

Traditional Jordanian cooking is available all around town, everything from ?fast foodê falafel and shawarmah to slow cooked lamb and rice dishes.Aqaba is also a fishing town so really good for fresh seafood. The traditional Jordanian dish is Mansaf _Lamb slow cooked in a yoghurt based sauce served with rice and pine nuts. Two more main dishes of Aqaba,Jordan are 'Maklouba' which is often prepared for celebrations and is made with meat, rice and vegetables and Freeke which is an ancient grain that is usually prepared with a meat such as lamb or chicken, nuts, vegetables or a yogurt based sauce.

Food for Indians in Aqaba

Tikka chicken and Al Mankal chicken tikka are the only two ndian restaurants in Aqaba. There are no Jain restaurants here. Some of vegetarian restaurants in aqaba are Arabic moon restaurant, Falafel o bas, Papaya restaurant and caf_ and Rum magic camp restaurant.¾

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