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Jerusalem isn't all falafel and hummus, well for a significant part, it is, but its only fair to say that this city has a lot more to offer for your palate. Israel is an ethnic melting pot of culture, religion and immigrants, result of which Israeli culinary scene has evolved and diversified manifolds. Jerusalem has an array of dining options ranging from chef restaurants, French, Italian and Japanese eateries, cafes and ofcourse the Middle Eastern cuisine restaurants. Another interesting aspect is the observance of Kashruth dietary laws. These restaurants use the meat of only kosher animals (pork meat, flesh eating birds, shell fish are prohibited) which are salughtered in a particular manner and do not mix meat and milk in the preparations. Chefs devise unique alternatives to act as substitutes. Typical Israeli food comprises flat bread, lentils, fresh fruits and nuts, raw vegetables, lamb, beef and dairy products, including goat cheese and different types of yoghurt. Popular favourites are stews, blintzes(cheese filled crepes), matzo balls(dumplings) and latkes(potato pancakes). A lot of Meditarranean salads and spreads are eaten, like the fava bean spread and Tahini, lemon flavoured sesame seed based sauce. Falafels and shawarmas sold by the street vendors, although fast food are yet quite wholesome. Israeli breakfast used to once be a heavy affair and is served by hotels and cafes to the tourists now. The spread is a sumptuous one with breads, olives, cheese and vegetables. Kunafeh is the much savoured dessert, typically a cheese pastry soaked in sweet, sugar based syrup.

Food for Indians in Jerusalem

The is increasing awareness of a vegan lifestyle has led to a demand for healthy, organic and delectable vegetarian food. Israeli cuisine in itself has several veggie dishes in the likes of salads and stews. Apart from the falafel and hummus stalls there are few pure vegetarian eateries. However, a lot of places will willingly offer vegan alternatives. Aba Gil, Green Shack, The Vegan Shawarma, Village Green are some of the options. Kohinoor and Indira are the most popular Indian restaurants, with frequent new additions.

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