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International cuisine is available at the large number of four and five star hotels. Local Arabic food, Italian, Oriental, Mexican, Continental, and Indian food is available in the city in areas such as Tla Al Ali, Airport Road, Jabal Amman, Shmeisani, Sweifeh, and University area. Jordan serves one of the best falafel in the middle east. Hasmen restaurant is the most famous one in Amman visited by politicians, important people and members of royal family.

Food for Indians in Amman

Jordanians are meat lovers, vegetarianism is not easily understood in Jordan. But vegetarians will find food easily as the local food uses vegetables, pulses and beans extensively. The Mezze dishes are largely¾vegetarian and can be made into a meal. Falafel made with chickpeas is easily available. Salads are also a popular part of the meal and a large variety, along with cheese are available. Dips like Humus, Baba Ghanoush, and Muttabal can be eaten with flat breads.¾Galayat Bhandura is a tomato based dish, Makdous is an aubergine dish, and pickles are easily available. Labneh is a form of thick hung curd and is part of all meals. Eggs are used in some of the breads and it is advisable to ask at the restaurants about the ingredients before ordering.¾Jain food is difficult to find though, if bookings are done through tour operators, they can provide Jain meals.

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