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Alphonse Island forms an integral part of the Outer Island Group of Seychelles. About 400 kilometres south-west of the main island of Mahe, Alphonse is especially beautiful and unique due to its isolated nature and the fact that it is almost completely untouched by man-made destruction. The island has a glow that seems to be its constant companion and is made even more magical by the 16 kilometre stretch of pearly white-sand beaches which are mostly secluded and the stunning sunsets that are sure to take your breath away.

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Watersports at Alphonse Island

As is true in most of the Seychelles islands, Alphonse is also quite famous for the variety of water activities that are offered here. Alphonse's geographical location is the main reason why so many bigger fish and aquatic animals venture close to the shore and are frequent visitors. This makes activities such as scuba diving and snorkelling extremely delightful.

Scuba Diving & Snorkelling in Alphonse Island
Alphonse is the only place in the Outer Island Group that offers opportunities for scuba diving. The visibility of the waters, as well as the warm conditions and the protection of the lagoon, makes it a suitable place for Scuba Diving as well as Snorkelling. The corals also make for a spectacular sight. If individuals indulge in these activities, they are bound to come across several colourful reef fish, as well as pelagic and shark fish types. Green Turtles, Hammerhead Sharks, and Marbled Rays also make appearances.

Other Water Sports in the Island
Other activities that are offered to guests and can be taken up during the stay at Alphonse are paddling, rowing, sailing, water- biking, kayaking, and stand up water paddling. Booking for sunset cruises as well as dolphin spotting (which includes the difficult to spot spinner dolphins) and Manta ray spotting is also available.

Activities & Things to Do

Alphonse Island Seychelles

While marine activities seem more engaging and enthralling, several on-island activities form a great way to explore hidden spots and nooks while also learning a great deal about the island and its culture and inhabitants.

Guided nature walks and bird watching is particularly popular due to the staggering 130 different bird species found on or around Alphonse along with the various migratory birds that visit the island during multiple seasons. Visiting the nearby islands on the atoll and exploring the sites is also a great way to spend a day. Aside from this, individuals can expect to make friends with the free moving Aldabra Turtles and also cycle around the island in search of the best views.

Fishing at Alphonse Island

Fishing at Alphonse Island

Fishing has been the most enjoyable activity in Alphonse. The resort at Alphonse provides professional and certified guides to each wishing to venture into the world of fishing, whether it is fly fishing or game fishing.
  • Fly Fishing
Fly fishing has always been one of the most celebrated activities in Alphonse. With about 10,000 acres and at least 60 different species of fishes, visitors will never lose interest. In addition to this, the fly fishing rights, as well as the sand flats, are solely under the resorts jurisdiction and as the resort allows only 12 members at a time to go fishing, it gives exclusivity to the member.

Seychelles Best Fly Fishing Destination
The fly fishing scene in Alphonse is so great that it is deemed to be Seychelles' best Saltwater Fly fishing destination and one of the largest Bonefish Fisheries in the world. Some of the fishes you are sure to see when fly fishing are Snapper, Permit, Milkfish and at least eight species of Trevally.
  • Game Fishing
While not as famous as fly fishing, game fishing is also quite renowned in Alphonse. The fishes caught during this period can be taken to the chef of the resort and can be arranged for consumption as well. The variety of fishes found here are Sailfish, Dogtooth, Tuna, and Dorado.

Alphonse Atoll - A Tropical Island Paradise

Alphonse's main attractions are its plethora of marine adventures and lagoons that enable activities such as snorkelling and scuba diving. However, fishing is what stands out the most when it comes to the most welcoming and enjoyable attractions. Staying in Alphonse's only resort which accommodates 22 bungalows and five suites also have its advantages as guests are sure to get world-class amenities, as well as enjoy luxuries such as the spa or the tennis court. The island also takes efforts to retain the environment and natural habitat of the animals by housing a conservation centre called the Island Conservation Centre which was opened in 2007. The consistent weather of Alphonse is also plus point for all individuals planning on booking a trip here as are the several other reasons.

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