Baie Lazare, Seychelles Overview

A beautiful moon-shaped bay located in the southwest of the island of Mahé, the Baie Lazare is an administrative district of Seychelles, well known for its scenic islands and also for the myriad of activities that tourists can enjoy here. Located between the Kempinski Resort and the Lazare Picault Hotel Baie Lazare is named after the French explorer Lazare Picault.

Due to easy bay accessibility (because of parking facilities and a bus stop nearby) the island enjoys excellent footfall throughout the year. The waters at the beach are relatively shallow, and there is plentiful shade here which offers adequate protection from the sun and makes for a perfect day out. Visitors are awestruck by the sheer beauty and the mesmerising colour-interplay of the sand and the ocean. The water here is untouched by the demonic hands of pollution and thus is turquoise blue and pristine, which contrasts beautifully with the glistening sand of the bay.

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Activities at the Baie Lazare

There is something or the other for everyone to do while at the Baie Lazare. Those who want to spend some time in solitude can enjoy a long walk at the bay and have a great time introspecting and wandering around. 

Enjoy the Stunning Views

Baie Lazare
The small Anse Gauletter at the Lazare Picault bayside has a great place to watch the sunset. It's a great photography spot as well. You can also enjoy views of some impressive granite formations here and there. 

Water Sports and Activities

Baie Lazare
Those looking for some fun activities and adventure can enjoy snorkelling, swimming, and windsurfing at the beach. The waters at the beach are not that shallow, and you will find a lot of tourists enjoying the waves here. However, the seas here can be rough between June and October, and thus swimming is often not recommended during this time.

The Kempinski End
The water on the other side of the bay (at the Kempinski end) is also quite calm, and the waves here are broken by a reef offshore. You could enjoy snorkelling here, and witness some fantastic colourful coral reefs and fishes under the ocean.  Other than this, visitors also often enjoy windsurfing at the beach.

Brief History About Baie Lazare

The history of Baie Lazare is an exciting story. In 1742, the French explorer Lazare Picault landed on Mahé, and he claimed that the island would now belong to France and its empire. Baie Lazare ultimately came to be known by the name of the protagonist of this historic moment. This bay is also the site where some local Seychelles dwellers once discovered some buried treasure that belonged to some pirates.

Best Time to Visit

It is advisable to visit the Baie Lazare any time except between June and October, as the sea conditions deteriorate during this time, and the island is exposed to harsh and strong winds. Many activities are not recommended during this period, and thus it is not advisable to visit the bay during these months.

Visitor Tips

  • The sand at the bay has large amounts of spiky corals and rocks, so remember to carry reef shoes if you intend to take a dip. Hotels often lend them to their guests for free. 
  • The bay gets heavily covered in seaweed, especially during the months between June and October. At this time of the year, snorkelling is not recommended.

How To Reach Baie Lazare

Getting to the Baie Lazare is pretty simple, especially if you are staying in some resort in Seychelles nearby. There is a bus stop very near to this beach, and thus reaching the island by bus is a viable option. Besides, beach parking availability enables visitors to drive down to the beach.

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