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How to reach Semarang by flight

Travelers from other countries can reach Semarang via air, at the Ahmad Yani International Airport. Flights to Singapore, Jakarta, Balikpapan, Surabaya, Banjarmasin and Bali are available from the airport.

How to reach Semarang by road

Semarang can be reached by car from locations like Jakarta, Solo, Banyumas/Cilacap and Surabaya by separate routes. Usually, Pantura road is taken to be the safest and most convenient route for long journeys. It takes around 10-12 hours to drive from Jakarta, 2-3 hours from Solo, 5-6 hours from Banyumas and around the same time period from Surabaya.

How to reach Semarang by train

By train, locals usually travel to and from Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya as these locations remain well connected to Semarang via railways. 

How to reach Semarang by bus

Most bus companies operate from terminals in Jakarta at the extreme ends, and some even provide the option of overnight travel to Semarang. Joglosemar is a popular tourist bus service that takes travelers from Jogjakarta to Semarang through Solo, they also provide snacks on board and pick passengers up from their hotels. 

Local transport in Semarang

Visitors have the option of using both public and private transport, or even availing vehicle rental services. Taxis and cabs are one of the cheapest means of travel in Semarang, but it should be made sure that the meters are always operational during the course of a ride as pricing is mostly fixed. Otherwise, the city is littered with various car rental service stations and people can opt for renting their desired vehicle for a fixed period of time at reasonable rates. Public transport services like buses are quite frequently used by travellers to commute within the region, DAMRI buses are government-owned vehicles that provide a comfortable and affordable journey, but travelers can also choose from Nugroho, Rata Kencana, MINAS and other bus services. Apart from these, TransSemarang buses are also at the disposal of the public which have fixed destinations on shelters. 

Semarang Photos

Lake Rawa Pening - Most Significant Lake in Semarang
Sam Poo Kong - Oldest Chinese Temple in Semarang
Mount Ungaran - Star Volcano at an elevation of 2050m

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